Currie Enterprises Anti-Rock Off-Road Sway Bar
By Chad Crowell

Forklift Ramping the TJ with the Anti-Rock disconnected completely.
Forklift ramping the TJ with the Anti- Rock disconnected completely.
In order to compare and contrast, I installed the Anti-Rock while I was still waiting for the RE lift to arrive.This allowed me to drive around with it and assess the on-road characteristics as compared to two and a half years of daily driving with connected disconnects and the RE 4.5” lift.

As a smart Jeep driver, I know that my lifted TJ is not a hot rod, and I never take corners at a dangerous speed to begin with, but obviously with this new kit installed I predicted some extra body roll.

As expected, with the Anti-Rock on its stiffest setting, the body of the Jeep had more lean to it while rounding corners.

In normal cornering situations, I did not find this to present a problem. It took about two weeks to get used to, but once I was used to it, the Jeep felt stable enough that it didn’t even phase me.

Forklift Ramping with the AntiRock on its loose setting.
Forklift ramping with the Anti-Rock on its loose setting.
Just for kicks, I took some corners faster. Keep in mind this is still only taking a corner at maybe 20 mph; not really fast, but faster than I usually do. I instinctively leaned my body inward more to counter the bit of extra roll that the Jeep had, but I still never felt that I did not have control or confidence at any time.

Highway and street driving were for the most part unaffected. When quickly changing lanes, a bit of a whipping of the body can be felt, but it’s really nothing worth talking further about.

Once the new, taller lift was installed, I was anxious to see how it all performed together. I am happy to report that I really felt nothing different, even though the 1” taller lift netted me about 3” more lift. The Jeep is taller and of course, the center of gravity is taller, but I drive daily with every bit of confidence that I have always had.

Keep in mind, that I run on-road with the Anti-Rock on its stiffest setting.


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