Klune-V “Extreme Underdrive”

Klune-V “Extreme Underdrive”

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An “Extreme Underdrive” is an underdrive gearbox that bolts in place between the transmission and transfer case. We call it “Extreme,” because the underdrive multiplies your existing gear reduction by 2.7 times (“Goliath” model) or 4 times (“David” model), rather than a usual underdrive/splitter ratio of 1.2 times, or so. With a Klune-V installed. instead of simple high and low range, you get up to four complete transfer ranges:

  1. Both boxes in Hi;
  2. Klune in Hi, Tcase in Lo;
  3. Klune in Lo, Tcase in High;
  4. Both boxes in low.

Gives your vehicle “tractor gears” It is intended for extreme four-wheel-drive applications, rather than towing or gear splitting in a big truck. It works equally well with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Applications available for:

  • Jeeps, all, incl Wrangler, CJ, JK, Rubicon, Cherokee, Commander, J-Truck, etc
  • Ford Early Bronco
  • Ford Full Size (31 spline) Bronco and pickups
  • Chevy 4WD
  • Dodge 4WD, Gas, Cummins, whatever
  • Toyota Land Cruiser with 4sp, or with GM or Ford V8

We have also seen Electric vehicle apps, 2WD apps, Industrial apps.

More info, instruction manuals, articles, applications data, pictures, etc: http://www.high-impact.net/transmission_and_gear/extreme_underdrive_brochure.htm

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