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JK Specific Tray Table #5048

If you own either a 2dr JK or 4dr JK Unlimited or a Rubicon, then this should be your first investment. I can’t think of an item that will be bolted on to your Jeep that will get used more than this fold out table. Whether you’re on a day trip and just want to fix lunch, or maybe taking that well deserved extended camping trip, you’ll need to be ready. You’ll find many uses for this well built and convenient item.

Some ideas that come to mind are listed below.

Setting up your cook stove, or preparing that next delicious meal. How about a place a safe to set the lantern when setting up camp at night. May be a place to set up the lap-top and down load those photos or check the next trail out.  Tackle box or shooting gear, why not. Need a place for that blender for those tailgate parties? Are you going to be doing some small repair jobs or maintenance?

This will solve that age old question of where to place things when you’re out enjoying out the great outdoors.

Dirt and mud are for wheeling to and over, not for meals, drinks, or sensitive equipment. Stop bending over. Stop working on the ground. It’s easy to start enjoying the many benefits of an easy to use O.R.T.T. fold out tray table.  Give it a try and see for yourself.

Technical details:

  • Useable space: 331.5 square inches
  • Length: 26.5″
  • Height: 13″
  • Width: 1.5″
  • Material: Aluminum .090, Non rusting, Lightweight, strong
  • Details: Mig welded, CNC bent, Laser cut, deburred
  • Hardware: Stainless steel hardware, brass washers, (button heads included on Overland edition)
  • Latching system: Self retracting pins
  • Hooks: 1.00″ x 4 each
  • Drain holes: 2 each
  • Magnetic bar: 8″ rated at 25 lbs pull (included on Overland edition)
  • Finish: Raw / unfinished, standard finish, (High quality powder coating included on Overland edition)
  • Mounting: 6 points / stainless steel screws/washers, (button heads included on Overland edition)
  • Location of manufacture: U.S.A.  Patent pending
  • Design: O.R.T.T. Unique, no cables to get in the way…
  • Options: Overland Edition; includes high quality powder coating (USA), an 8” magnetic bar powder coated, all stainless steel button heads, and hand inspected quality. Additional investment required

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