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Viking Offroad re-introduces the Tow Strap and Tree Strap

Viking Offroad introduces the Tow Strap and Tree Strap: These straps are designed to improve strap quality and establish standardized colors which will increase safety when using recovery equipment. Viking Offroad and ARB have designed Orange Tow Straps used for Kinetic Vehicle to Vehicle Recovery and Green Tree Straps for Static Winching Recovery. Kinetic Tow Straps stretch and for safety purposes should never be used with a winch. Static Tree Straps have minimal stretch and can be used with winches. Viking Offroad and ARB are the first in the industry to develop standardized colors for recovery straps. (Details with part numbers and retail pricing below)


Tow Strap – ORANGE (kinetic)

  • Size: 2” x 30’ – 17,500 Lb. MBS (Min. Break Strength) – [50mm x 9m / 8 metric ton] – PN: 100760 – $69.83
  • Size: 2/2” x 30’ – 35,000 Lb. MBS (This is a Double 2” strap) – [2/50mm x 9m / 16t] – PN: 100761 – $116.50
  • 100% US made Nylon with “Max Edge” abrasion protection

Tree Strap – GREEN (static)

  • Size: 3” x 10’ – 26,500 Lb. MBS – [76mm x 3m / 12t] – PN: 100766 – $54.40
  • Size: 3” x 16’ – 26,500 Lb. MBS – [76mm x 5m / 12t] – PN: 100767 – $65.71
  • 100% US made Polyester with “Max Edge” abrasion protection


Tow Strap – ORANGE (kinetic)

  • Vehicle to Vehicle recovery
  • Best in sand, mud and snow
  • Vehicle towing

Tree Strap – GREEN (static)

  • Tree or Rock anchor tool: – sling around base of trees or around rocks
  • Minimizes damage to tree bark by spreading the load
  • May be used as a Winchline Extension


  • High quality materials and construction
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Color coded: Orange for kinetic towing and recovery. Green for trees / rocks in static pulls
  • Max Edge: Black anti abrasion edges to protect straps where they wear out most
  • Made in the USA

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