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Superchips Announces Release of Three Downloadable Advanced Tuner ’Apps’

Sanford, FL – Superchips continues to lead the charge with vehicle tuning innovations that matter for consumers. Superchips announces their tuners are now enabled to handle software applications, commonly know as ‘apps’. Three vehicle tuning software applications are now available, the first of many advanced tuning apps available via Superchips internet update.

Superchips current generation of tuners, five-button Flashpaq and Cortex, were originally designed with software app capability in mind making it possible for customers to take advantage of new technology advances. The development of new apps is ongoing and will be available to customers via download to their Superchips tuner allowing for a personalized vehicle experience. Applications range from GO-2 Tuning with the capability to tune more than one vehicle at a time to Cold Air Intake Tuning engineered specifically to optimize the performance calibrations together with the CAI kit and vehicle.

Current applications available are the Superchips exclusive GO-2 Tuning Application, Cold Air Intake Tuning for popular Ford and GM models (more vehicles coming soon), and Data Acquisition Application. To get any of the applications a customer has to update their Flashpaq or Cortex using Superchips Internet Update software. Apps are available for a nominal fee using Superchips Internet Update computer program. Application pricing varies depending on the features and functions of the app. Many popular apps like data acquisition are available free of charge.

GO-2 Tuning App

Superchips GO-2 Tuning Application for Flashpaq and Cortex is a response to numerous customer requests. There are no other products on the market today with this capability. GO-2 allows a customer to tune two vehicles at the same time letting their existing tuner do all the programming of both vehicles in the driveway. The application works whether both vehicles are gas, diesel or one of each. Currently the application is available for Ford and GM and both vehicles must be from the same OEM family. Superchips is working on new vehicle applications and coverage capability for the in-demand application. GO-2 is currently available for only $199 saving between 40 – 50% off the price of the second tuner.

Cold Air Intake App

Superchips Cold Air Intake tuning addresses the compatibility issues of adding a Cold Air Intake to today’s late-model vehicles. Pricing varies based on the exact vehicle, CAI design, and the sophistication of the tuning for the CAI installed. Typical CAI problems without CAI tuning include poor drivability, loss of power, poor fuel economy, idle surge, and the check engine light illumination. Superchips CAI tuning will optimize the driving performance for the vehicle and CAI (as a system), and in most instances add significant horsepower and torque. Current CAI manufacturers covered by Superchips tuning include Airaid, K&N, AEM, Steeda, BBK, C&L, MMR, JLT, Demolet and S&B. More CAI kit calibrations are being added on a regular basis.

Data Acquisition App

Basic Data Acquisition provides a tuner with data logging capabilities including: timed runs, 0 to 40 through 0 to 70 MPH, last run history, best speed and times history, and 60 foot through ¼ mile logging. Advanced Data Acquisition provides OBD-II PID (Parameter ID) display support including: air and fuel data, Mass Air Flow rates and temperature, ignition timing, injector fuel rates, direct sensor information, diagnose faulty sensor, monitor fluid temperatures, view powertrain data, engine and transmission sensor data. Both data acquisition software is FREE to download.

The advantages to the customer are endless, from vehicle performance to advanced vehicle data collection. Tom Bennett, Superchips President explains, “Superchips has always positioned itself as the company that lets you the consumer tune your vehicle for how you want to use it whether it is track speed, towing or off-road use. The next evolution of that philosophy is personal use applications. The automotive tuner is finally personal.”

Superchips has the number one engine and model coverage in the industry offering a complete line of hand-held programmers for most late-model cars, trucks, and SUVs including: Ford, GM, Chrysler/Dodge, Nissan/Infiniti and Jeep. All Superchips programmers are available for purchase in retail stores and online wherever automotive performance products and accessories are sold.

For more information contact:

Superchips, Inc.
1790 E. Airport Blvd
Sanford, FL 32773
Ph: 407-585-7000

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