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New ARB Air Locker Annoucement – Toyota 4Runner and Prado

Seattle, June 3/ ARB 4×4 Accessories/ — Just released by ARB, a new rear ARB Air locker to suit the new generation Toyota 4Runner (2010+) and Toyota Prado 150 (2009+). With the vehicle updates, Toyota also decided improve the already proven Toyota 8″ axle that has been in service since the 70’s. Luckily ARB Air Locker engineering had access to the new axle early on and was able to develop a product in short time.

This new Air Locker application (RD193) is sure to prove popular among 4Runner/Prado four-wheel drive owners looking to equip their vehicle for their next adventure, with the ultimate on-demand traction device. In addition to providing outright improvements to a vehicle’s off road capabilities, an Air Locker will allow a vehicle to be driven in a more controlled manner, thus reducing the likelihood of environmental and vehicular damage.

The attraction of an ARB Air Locker lies in the fact that this full carrier replacement differential gives the best of both worlds… a normal open differential for on road use, and a 100% locked-up differential for challenging off road situations. ARB Air Lockers utilize a 12-volt compressor that delivers high-pressure air to the differential center, thereby engaging the locking mechanism. With both wheels tied directly to the rotation of the ring gear, the vehicle maintains maximum traction when the Air Locker is activated.

Sold throughout the world, ARB Air Locker’s patented design has proven ultra reliable, even under the most extreme conditions with structural components manufactured from aerospace grade alloy steels. Already strengthening the range of Toyota 4Runner/Prado accessories (including ARB bumpers, roof racks and suspension systems), the RD193 is set to prove itself among new generation Toyota 4Runner/Prado owners.

Retail   –  $984.94

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