Roger Norman First Short Course Race at SuperLite Invitational During Octane Fest

RENO, NV     JUNE 17, 2010  – Roger Norman competed in his first ever short course race last weekend in a SuperLite truck at the SuperLite Invitational during Octane Fest in Fallon, NV.  “These were so much fun to drive.  I think I am hooked!” said Roger Norman.

The SuperLite single seat rotary engine spec trucks compete in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series and made a special appearance at the Octane Fest with a first ever Invitational style race.  Roger Norman was asked to compete against nine other drivers including John Harrah, Chuck Dempsey, Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson, Johnny Greaves, Cameron Steele, Carl Renezeder, Brian Deegan, and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg.  “It was quite a line up of drivers, and it was funny to think that I was the rookie among them.  Can’t say I have used that term lately,” Norman laughs.

The day started with some test sessions on the track.  “It sure is a tight track, not a lot of places to pass out there,” recapped Norman.  And then under the lights they started the qualifying process consisting of single car, one lap times.  Norman was 9th on the track to qualify and ended up fifth fastest with only a tenth of a second separating him and Greaves, and 30th of a second behind top qualifier Ricky Johnson.

All ten cars lined up for the main event with the packed stands on their feet.  The fans cheered for the trucks as they bucked at each other and the top drivers from the country attempted to pass for the win.  “It felt like I was getting punted left and right, and in between that I was trying to work back up to the front,” laughed Norman.  He made it close to the front, and then would get passed and wrapped into another car and have to start over again.  Norman finished the race in 5th place after 20 laps of insane racing action!

“I would love to do some short course racing especially after what just happened in Mexico.  I plan on driving more short course SuperLite racing and hope to grow into Pro2 or Pro4,” said Norman.

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