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Pareto Point Industries (PPI) announces TopDog V, a patent pending parallel flow oil bypass filtration system.  According to Adan Reinosa, P.E., PPI’s President, “The incredible benefits of oil bypass filtration, which result in better performing, cleaner running engines, has been known for many years.  But consumers and many fleet owners have had to consider the high product cost and installation complexity, so it never really caught on.  TopDog V is a game changer.  It provides vehicle owners with bypass filtration to 2 microns, absolute, and even more benefits, at a low price and with easy, fast installation.  In fact, using only a ratchet, the TopDog V ‘system/adapter’ (the red puck) can be installed in a few minutes.   TopDog V fits vehicles, equipment, or machinery requiring lubricating oil that use a spin-on oil filter; and we are developing a canister filter application.”

In addition to its low cost and easy installation, TopDog V offers significant economic and green benefits such as improved fuel economy, extended oil and filter service intervals, lower emissions, deferred overhauls, and increased engine longevity, all of which result in the preservation of our critically scarce natural resources, and at the same time, improve the bottom line for vehicle owners and fleet managers.

TopDog V is unique.  As you drive, a small continuous amount of oil flowing into the TopDog V’s system/adapter is diverted to a bypass filter (the black can).  The cleaned oil is routed directly into the engine galleries.  Unlike most other bypass systems, there is no clean oil side-streaming to the sump, which can be critical for stressful engine situations, and which also saves energy where 100% of the oil flow is optimal.

Since the bypass oil filter flows about 1 to 2 quarts per minute, a typical vehicle will have its entire oil volume super-cleaned every five to ten minutes while driving.   “It’s like making an oil change every few minutes,” says Mr. Reinosa.  “In addition, TopDog V’s easily accessible ports allow the user to easily connect devices such as an oil cooler, a filter load indicator, an oil condition analyzer, an accusump, a dedicated turbo bearing lubrication port, and so on.  TopDog V’s simplicity makes the benefits of oil bypass filtration available to everyone from the mass market consumer to the heavy fleet owner.”

TopDog V can be purchased as a complete kit, or alone as a system/adapter, allowing the buyer to build a system to fit their needs.  For more information, to view an installation video, and for a retail pricing table, please visit our website:

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  • October 16, 2010
Awesome product, saw it it at the Off-Road Expo in Pomona, it will soon be on 2 of our vehicles.

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