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Klune-V Extreme underdrive: New Industrial Strength 4 to one gearset

Rated at 2000 ft lbs input torque, the new 4 to one gearset we are using in the Klune-V “David” model Extreme Underdrive is proving itself nicely out there on the rocks.

This gearset, initially beta tested about 3 years ago, expands the durability of this box. Output torque appears to be limited by the size of output shaft used (which is determined by your Tcase). I’ll never say it can’t be broken, I know 4 wheelers can break anything, if you give them a dare. I can say I have not seen a broken gearset yet to date. While the gearset is still not as strong as our 2.7 to one ratio Goliath (Rated at 3200 ft-lbs input torque), with the 4 to one ratio, 2000 ft lbs input torque adds up to 8000 ft lbs output torque. Of course, you could put a locomotive engine in your jeep, and actual torque developed would still be limited by the weight of the vehicle and the size of tires (You cannot get more torque than you can get traction). And of course, when you gear down 4 to one, you are going pretty slow, not much bashing or jumping, so breakage and ”smashage” is reduced considerably overall no matter what engine.

We have put a few Klune-V “David” 4 to one units in Dodge Cummins Diesel full size, large tire apps; we’ll see what happens there!

Klune-V Extreme Underdrive from
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