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Raceline Wheels Are Tough Enough to Keep Racers on Track

GARDEN GROVE, CA    AUGUST 20, 2010:  Raceline Wheels are so tough they can run without a tire for multiple miles in the rough Nevada desert.  Jesse Haines crossed the finish line without a tire for over 10 miles, and Chris Ridgway made it 20 miles to the next pit on a Raceline Wheel. In both instances only seconds separated them from their competitor at the finish line.

Jesse Haines competed in the 2010 VORRA Xtreme Outlaw 250 race at the new Exit 28 Motorsports Park just outside Reno, NV.  In his race report he wrote: “We had a few flats, but that was inevitable on a race course like this. With maybe 10 miles left we hit something pretty hard and within a few miles I knew we had lost a tire. At that point we were getting close to the roughest part of the course so we decided to keep going for the finish with the flat. We ran as hard as we could on the remaining 3 tires and came into the main pits just ahead of another Ultra4 racer, Brad Falin. On corrected time we beat him by 48 seconds and finished 2nd in the class. We finished the race without a shred of rubber on the passenger rear Raceline wheel,” said Jesse Haines.

Chris Ridgway had a similar experience at the recent VORRA Fallon 250 night race when he got a flat and was forced to run on a bare Raceline wheel.  In his post race interview he states: “When we got out to change a flat tire we got passed by Brad Falin.  We had a 13 minute lead, so we had plenty of time to fix it, but the tool bag had fallen off with the socket!  We drove for 20 to 25 miles on the rim doing between 45 and 55mph, which was gnarly as we were crabbing all over the place.  Amazingly the wheel held up and didn’t allow any damage to the caliper or anything.   We pulled up to someone’s pit and they changed it for us, we don’t even know who it was.  We caught Falin, but we lost by 34 seconds in adjusted time.  I hate loosing, but you know that’s part of racing, and that’s how it goes,” said Ridgway.

The strength of the Raceline wheels is unparallel when placed under miles of desert conditions.  Racers should feel confident that the Raceline Wheels will certainly perform and keep them on the race course and in the heat of the win.

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