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New ARB Fridge Freezer Models!

Come and meet the coolest ARB family!

Seattle, September 22nd/ ARB 4×4 Accessories/ — With the ARB 50QT fridge freezer gaining popularity and acclaim within the 4WD community due to its unique design and outstanding performance, ARB Corporation is pleased to
announce the addition of 3 new fridge sizes to make a family of fridges to suit 4WD families.

Welcome additions are the ARB 37QT, 63QT, AND 82QT where each model has been determined by the actual internal volume of the fridge. The most obvious differences are the height and footprint. In simple terms the 50QT and 82QT share the same height, the 37QT and 63QT share the same “squat’ height. The 37QT and 50QT share the same footprint and the 63QT and 82QT share the same extended footprint.

  • 37QT; this compact fridge with its low profile enables placement in pickup beds under tonneau cover, on top of cargo drawers, suits many compact SUV’s and provides for better visual access into the fridge. Great size for a couple as a second fridge the 37QT holds a class leading 50 12oz cans .
  • 50QT; the most popular size portable fridge on the market. Suitable for many medium to large SUV’s, wagons and pickups the internal capacity which boasts the ability to hold 72, 12oz cans is a clear favorite.
  • 63QT; this fantastic fridge with its low profile enables placement into pickup beds under tonneau covers, on top of cargo drawers, suits larger 4WD wagons, pickups and camper trailers and provides for better visual access into the fridge. A great size for a family or group holding 90, 12oz cans.
  • 82QT; the big daddy of ARB fridges. A capacity of 120 12oz cans provides sufficient space to keep a family in food and beverage for long term camping or as a community fridge when venturing outdoors with friends. Suits large 4WD wagons, pickups and camper trailers.

Designed with four wheel drivers in mind, ALL models have a front opening lid creating improved access to the fridge contents and making them a perfect partner for fridge slides. Utilizing the patented ARB hinge system further enhances access to the internal contents. How about this – the internal size is big enough to fit a 2 liter bottle of cola in EVERY model.

Why an ARB Fridge?

Here is a reminder of the unique features within the ARB design:
• Superbly engineered robust hinge – Patented
• Front opening lid on ALL models
• Drain plug aids easy cleaning. Remove it during storage to air the cabinet
• Easy access to the control panel
• Electronic temperature settings
• Largest internal capacity
• Rear facing internal LED light with automatic switching (no mechanical parts)
• Large full grip EZ latch secures the lid for a good seal
• Pre-assembled handles, non-rotating and strong enough for tie downs
• Built in electrical cable retention

Tech Specifications:

Product improvements within each size fridge include updated injection molding behind the touch pad for better support, a larger touch pad size, rewording from “error” to “check” and the LED display changing to a high intensity white color for ease of reading in differing light conditions.

With a significant investment in a temperature controlled room, data logging and control equipment to verify fridge performance, our average amp hours is based on air temperature over a 27 hour period (3 hour cool-down from 86˚F ambient + 24 hour run time at a set cabinet temperature of 37˚ F). In summary, once to temperature, the ARB fridges use the least power consumption when compared to other leading brands.

All models are powered by a Danfoss compressor and control system with the 37QT, 50QT and 63QT sharing the BD35F compressor and the 82QT with a larger BD50F compressor model. As with any fridge, it is important to
have quality wiring (to minimize voltage drop) to the fridge power outlet. For increased product life, we recommend that you protect your fridge from the weather. The test methods used to determine power consumption (average amp hours) does vary between manufacturers, however, we were conscious that power consumption tests should include the initial pull down period. When comparing power consumed against equivalent competitor models it is best to understand their test methods and compare “apples with apples.”

• Wiring loom PN 10900011 suits all models
• Fridge slide PN 10900020 is suitable for the 37QT and 50QT. A larger slide to suit the bigger footprint and
• associated loaded weight of the 63QT and 82QT is currently in development for release in December 2010.
• Canvas transit bags are under development for release with the fridges. A separate press release will accompany the release of these parts.
• Tie down kits PN 10900010

37QT, 63QT and 82QT Available December 2010.
Currently taking pre orders.

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