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Susan Austin Finishes First Ever Desert Race

RENO, NV   SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 – Susan Austin finished the first desert race she has ever entered at the VORRA Hawthorne 225 race on September 5th.   “I have been told by the best, including Rod Hall, that to win a race you must first complete the race.  My goal for this first race was just to finish, and I am so excited that I did!” said Susan Austin, who IronWomaned the entire 225 miles.

After attending the VORRA Xtreme Outlaw race in June, she decided that she wanted to start racing.  “It just looks like so much fun,” said Susan Austin.  “I don’t know how old women are that take up this sport, but at 60 to take it up I think this is amazing…  I imagine most ladies take up knitting, I don’t think I will ever do that!”

Susan purchased Rod Halls Hummer and enlisted his help in training for this first race.  “Working with Rod Hall has been an amazing and rewarding experience,” explained Susan.  When Rod was asked at the end of the race how his student did he exclaimed, “I am really surprised how well she has taken control of the car, and how well she has been able to keep the car under control.  I can’t believe with how much energy she has, how she has been able to control that right foot.  Its not always that easy!”

The track was everything that she had expected.  Susan came through the main pit four times after 55 miles, each time with a smile on her face no matter how rocky, dusty, and silty the track had become.  Susan’s lap times were consistent with her total finishing time in the car at 8 hours 53 minutes.  She placed fourth in the Sportsman Class.

She was driving a Rod Hall Hummer, prepared by ORI of Reno with no mechanical or tire failures the entire race.  “The boys pulled together a perfect car for me, I am thankful to Donnie (Gilman of ORI) and the whole team that supported me,” said Susan.  She is sponsored by Exit 28 Motorsports, Rod Hall Racing, Mustang Ranch, Wild Horse Resort & Spa, Mustang Ranch Productions and Modeling Agency, Reno Sparkes Cab and Scotty Roller Designs.

Video of Hawthorne 225:
Video of PreRunning at Exit 28 Motorsports:

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