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4405 Land Use Team awarded Merit Entry into the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers

Driver Travis Carpenter will “Race for Access” once again with fundraiser for the Blue Ribbon Coalition

Driver Travis Carpenter and the Ultra4 4405 Land Use rig have been awarded a “Merit Entry” by Hammerking Productions into the famed 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers race.  The merit entry is based on the team’s ongoing efforts to promote responsible land use, raise awareness of land use issues, and to generate funds, volunteers and memberships for various land use organizations.

Billed as the “Land Use” buggy, its land use outreach program has had the 4405 on near constant display since its inception in 2008. The vehicle has been seen in many magazines, on trails all over the West Coast, in parades, on trail work parties, and at many schools and businesses. It is used as a centerpiece to talk about responsible OHV use and to promote the sport as a whole.

In the 2010 King of the Hammers, the 4405 team held a Race-A-Thon to raise badly needed funds for land use organizations. Despite only completing 98 miles of the race, the team managed to raise nearly $20,000, the majority of which was pledged by members of the website. Additional substantial pledges came from the Tin Benders 4×4 club and 4 Wheel Parts.

Sadly, three months after the 2010 King of the Hammers, the 4405 burned to the ground in a structure fire. There has been an overwhelming positive response to hearing this news. Many companies along with members of have begun donating parts and cash in order to rebuild the vehicle so it can continue its mission. Master fabricator and co-driver Dan Trout of Fishmouth Fabworks has been bending tube and feverishly building the new 4405.

According to Manager/Promoter Kurt Schneider, “Our original plan was to run the 4405 in the entire Ultra4 Grand Slam series in 2010. We wanted to earn our spot outright for the 2011 King of the Hammers. Points-wise, all we would have to do is attend each race and we would have qualified, but with the 4405 burning down, that could not be accomplished.”

For the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers, the team will once again hold a Race-A-Thon for land use. Driver Travis Carpenter states, “We learned a lot from last year, and with the help of Del Albright, and CRAWL Magazine, the 4405 team is planning on making this Race-A-Thon massive. It is our goal to make this the largest single-day fundraiser for land use ever. We are hoping that companies and OHV enthusiasts help donate to keep our public lands open to the public.”

According to Jeff Knoll, co-founder of KOH, “the Griffin King of the Hammers is  the toughest one day off road race on the planet, and we want to set new records for landuse awareness and fund-raising in 2011 with the 4405 buggy.   Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador added, “King of the Hammers ( has quickly become one of the biggest events in off-roading and a major outlet for helping to save our trails and support organizations like BlueRibbon Coalition.” With a mix of go-fast desert racing and hard-core rock crawling, the endurance race has attracted 100 of the most accomplished drivers in Rock-sports competitions, and literally tens of thousands of spectators.

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