PPI to introduce two new oil management products at SEMA

October 22, 2010 – Pareto Point Industries introduces two new oil management products and improvements to its popular TopDog V oil bypass filtration system at the 2010 SEMA Show

Pareto Point Industries (PPI) will unveil two new products at the SEMA Show – a reusable oil filter specifically designed for Corvettes and Harley-Davisons, and an oil filter loading indicator and oil manifold.

According to PPI president Adan Reinosa, P.E., “The reusable oil filter is a  product we’ve been working on for some time. In addition to the environmental benefits, the bottom is open, so it has minimum restriction to flow, provides magnetic filtration, and has a few other engineering tricks. It also looks great and is made in America for two iconic American products.”

The oil filter indicator, which mates easily with PPI’s popular TopDog V oil bypass filtration system, lets the user know when the oil filter should be changed, saving money and time. It also provides additional benefits, including magnetic filtration and additional access ports. “It is our ultimate mission to provide top flight products that allow the owner/asset manager the ability to change oil and filters as needed in real time, not based on guessing or habit, which can be costly in either extreme – too soon and you are wasting money, too late and you are jeopardizing the engine,” says Mr. Reinosa.

PPI has regrouped TopDog V into family groups. The product delivery, however, has not changed. According to Mr. Reinosa, “The incredible benefits of oil bypass filtration, which result in better performing, cleaner running engines, have been known for many years. But when consumers and fleet owners have considered the high product cost and installation complexity, it never really caught on. TopDog V is a game changer. It provides vehicle owners with bypass filtration to 2 microns, absolute, and even more benefits than many legacy systems, at a low price and with easy, fast installation. In fact, using only a ratchet, the TopDog V ‘system adapter’ can be installed in just a few minutes, as seen on the website [www.paretopoint.com]. TopDog V fits almost all vehicles, equipment, or machinery that require lubricating oil and use a spin-on oil filter; and we are now developing a canister filter application.”

In addition to its low cost and easy installation, TopDog V offers significant economic and green benefits such as improved fuel economy, extended oil and filter service intervals, lower emissions, deferred overhauls, and increased engine longevity, which result in the preservation of our critically scarce natural resources, improve our quality of life, and at the same time, improve the bottom line for vehicle owners and fleet managers.

Please visit us in the South Hall at Booth 31167.

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