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Roger Norman Draws First Position and Plans to Ironman 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000

RENO, NV     OCTOBER 10, 2010  – Roger Norman’s Crystal Bay Casino #8 Trophy Truck will take the very first Green Flag on November 18, 2010 at approximately 11:45am and catapult down the Baja coast in the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.  Roger Norman will Ironman the entire race with co-driver Lance Clifford by his side.

The drawing for starting position was on Saturday where the computerized system drew Roger Normans name first as the #1 person to leave the line at the 43rd Baja 1000.  “I am so stoked, I can’t believe it.  It is the coolest thing,” exclaimed Roger Norman.  “No stress, no dust, it couldn’t be more perfect.”  This puts them into an excellent starting position to repeat the Norman Motorsports 2008 Baja 1000 win.

Roger Norman’s plan is to Ironman the entire 1050 miles.  “I am planning on pre-running more than I have ever pre run in my life – which is a lot!” laughed Norman. “We will be doing a full non-stop pre-run, from start to finish, as a test to see if I am able to perform at the level required to win.”  If after the test he deems it necessary, he already has someone in mind to co-drive a section in the middle to allow for a break.

Lance Clifford, founder and owner of, will be the ironman co-driver for Norman.  “I am excited to have someone that has skills and passion for the sport and having him is my biggest reason for doing it solo,” explained Norman.  Clifford is not a rookie to the Baja 1000 with three Class 17 wins driving, and co-driving 1,146 miles in the 2007 Baja 1000 while 3 drivers sat behind the wheel.  He was a 2009 Class 17 SCORE points champion and has three National Championship titles in Rock Crawling.  “I race to win, plain and simple,” said Clifford.  “It is awesome to be a part of a quality team and I am taking it very serious.  Starting on the pole position of any race is perfect, but sitting on the pole position of the Baja 1000 is amazing.”

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