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Roger Norman Will Iron Man 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 After Completing Full Solo PreRun

RENO, NV     NOVEMBER 11, 2010  – Roger Norman’s Crystal Bay Casino #8 Trophy Truck will start first off the line in the 2010 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.  Roger Norman will remain the driver the entire 1050 miles, with co-driver Lance Clifford.  “I feel that this is the best opportunity that I would have in my life to Iron Man a race and win.  You just can’t turn down an opportunity like that,” states Roger Norman who will be first off the line with an incredible truck, a co-driver who has invested as much effort into pre-running the race as Norman and an extremely supportive team.

Norman and Clifford have pre-ran over 5,200 miles since mid-October.  “We have been putting in a lot of time making sure that our notes are right, and then checking them again,” said Clifford.  “Roger is a very strong driver and I think that we will be solid come race day.”  They have been recapping their daily adventures of pre-running at

After the extensive time invested in pre-running, Roger wanted to do one complete run of the course to ensure that he was ready to Iron Man the race.  He successfully completed the task this week driving the entire racecourse, less the first 30 or so miles. “We had a little longer pits than normal, and we lost communications for almost the entire racecourse, but I didn’t have one flat BFGoodrich tire or any real problems with the truck.  Overall, we had a great run, and I feel very confident that Lance and I will be able to run the entire race and be successful.”  Norman drove the single seat trophy truck that he has competed in twice this year at the NORRA 1000 and the Mexicana Logistics 300.  “The most wild part of the whole thing was at around midnight I hit a mile long silt bed outside of Loreto, there was a so much silt coming over the hood it was amazing!  I knew that I was the only one out there to dig myself out with no way to call for help, so I was even that more motivated to get through it,” laughed Norman.

The entire Norman Motorsports team is very excited about the race coming up next week.  Roger will be in Ensanada all week handing out autograph cards featuring KMC wheels and the entire team.

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