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Rusty’s WJ Grand Cherokee 4.5″ Long Travel Kit

Rainbow City, AL, 12/27/10 – The WJ Grand Cherokee is becoming very popular these days and is a very capable trail vehicle that is also very comfortable. Rusty’s has designed and engineered a long travel suspension that bolts on yet still offers the durability, flex and articulation as many custom built suspensions. The long arms reduce the angle of the arms which will greatly improve the ride and improve the handling of a lifted vehicle while on road driving and gives superior articulation for off roading.

This kit bolts on to the uni-frame with minor drilling. NO WELDING is required or recommended. The front uses radius style arms and are completely adjustable, both the long lower as well as the upper link. Rusty’s Forged Flex Joints at the adjustable end and factory rubber control arm bushings at the axle end insure great strength & flexibility with no noise or vibes transmitted through the uni-frame. Rusty’s arms are constructed of 2 inch diameter D.O.M. tubing. This assures that you will not damage the arms on any rocks or ledges.

The new radius style arms bolt to a completely new 1/4 inch thick steel, laser cut and CNC formed cross member that has an extended mounting area and it also surrounded by Rusty’s new frame reinforcement. The 1/4 inch laser cut reinforcement brackets are located on the outside of the uni-frame. These brackets basically sandwich the uni-frame, tying the uni-frame and the new cross member together. Doing this distributes the load over a much larger area of the uni-frame.

The rear lower control arms are both built with large 2 inch diameter D.O.M. and feature the Rusty’s Forged Flex Joints for maximum articulation and strength and the factory rubber bushings at the other end to ensure no vibes are transmitted through the uni-frame. No exhaust modifications are necessary with this kit. The Rusty’s rear mounting hanger is constructed of 1/4 inch thick steel, laser cut and CNC formed. These brackets also feature our keyed and tabbed bracket technology. The Rusty’s rear upper link is constructed of 1.50 x .375 DOM tubing, the upper link attaches to the body with two 7/8 heim joints and a Rusty’s forged flex joints attaches to a bolt-on 3/8 steel axle mount. Many hours where spent in the development and design of this bracket to offer strength, durability and adjustability for great articulation and precision driveline angle.

The Rusty’s WJ Grand kit complete with grade 5 & grade 8 hardware and complete instructions. The massive control arms feature Rusty’s Forged Flex Joints and factory Jeep rubber bushings. And to finish it all off, everything comes in a high gloss black powder coating for protection and a great look.

Many countless hours have been spent in development, computer aided design, 3-D modeling and testing using the latest in technology. We are proud to say that it is all done here at Rusty’s.

Key Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Completely Bolt On
  • Proven Design
  • Great Articulation
  • Great Road Handling
  • Adjustable Control Arms
  • Adjustable Trac Bar
  • High Quality
  • Innovation

The kit costs $2550 is and can be purchased online at or over the phone at 256-442-0607.

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