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Speed Technologies Finishes Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Mitchell DeJong Crowned Trophy Kart Champion

RENO, NV – DECEMBER 22, 2010:  The Speed Technologies team took the checker flag on the 2010 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at the Firebird Raceway in Arizona, and then followed it with a shot at the Rockstar Energy Challenge Cup in an all-or-nothing season finale showdown.  Mitchell DeJong had clinched the Trophy Kart Championship going into the race, and was crowned at the end of the day.

Mitchell DeJong drove the Speed Technologies Trophy Kart to the podium all season long taking the overall Championship Title.  “My goal has to been to win a championship every year, and I have been able to do that since 2007, making this the 6th championship,” said 12-year old Mitchell DeJong.  “I know I wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of my sponsors, one in particular, Speed Technologies.  They are an awesome team and like family to me.  I feel so fortunate to be part of it.”

John Harrah completed his rookie year in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series driving a Pro 4 Unlimited Truck with a solid outlook. “I really enjoy racing this series and have learned a lot over the course of the season with the set up on the truck to be more successful,” commented John Harrah.  In the final race on Saturday, he finished 7th after doing a complete barrel roll, landing on his wheels, and immediately continuing to race.  During Sunday’s dash for cash race, they put the Pro 4 and Pro 2 trucks against each other for the win.  Harrah finished a solid 12th maintaining the lead lap out of 27 trucks that started.

Jeff Ward couldn’t catch a break this weekend and had a very challenging time with the truck.  Both Saturday and Sunday he did not finish the race due to steering issues that were unrelated to the previous days problems.  “We gave it 110% at every race this season and worked for each finish,” commented Ward.  “Our consistency put us into the top 10 overall, with a lot of seat time and ability to learn the truck to better our finishes next year.”

Speed Technologies sponsored Dawson Kirchner continued his front of the pack performances with a second place finish in the SuperLite Class.  After two podium wins in Las Vegas, Kirchner followed up his performance with another reinforcing second.  “Ending the season with these finishes makes me even more excited to race again next year!” said Kirchner.

Wyatt Kirchner didn’t have as good of luck in the SuperLite Class when he did not finish in Saturdays Race, but put in a solid battle on Sunday during the Pro Purse race placing 7th out of 15 trucks.

Complete coverage of Speed Technologies behind the scenes and racing action can be seen on SuperLite Live.  This episode of SuperLite Live was hosted by Chuck Dempsey and co-hosted by Jeff “SurfRat” Arganda featuring exclusive interviews with Speed Technologies team members, others key racers and live race action.  Coverage can be seen at and sign up now to get the “On The Air” notices at (click Follow).

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