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Torchmate Racing Team Unveils Brand New Car at King of the Hammers

$500 off Select CNC Cutting Systems at 4 Wheel Parts King of the Hammers Showroom-on-Wheels

RENO, NV     FEBRUARY 3, 2011   The innovators of CNC Cutting Systems for the everyday garage enthusiast gathered key builders and tools to work at their Reno, NV facility to build a one-of-a-kind Ultra4 car that will race in the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers next Friday.  “It has been quite a challenge, but it is amazing the car that this group has been able to assemble,” said JT Taylor, General Manager for the Torchmate Racing Team.  “I am excited to be able to compete in this race and the rest of the Ultra4 races in this rig and proving it as a winning car.”

“As with most Ultra4 cars, there isn’t much that isn’t fabricated,” said Torchmate fabricator Jesse Haines who will be competing in his own Ultra4 car.  “We used the 2×2 CNC Table that we have here in the shop to make the parts that we need perfect.”  The Goodyear Tires will be flinging dirt soon mounted on Raceline Wheels and held in line with CTM axles, J.E. Reel drive shafts and Howe Power Steering components.  When they are crawling through the toughest trails King of the Hammers has to throw at them, the WARN Winch will be there to assist.

The Torchmate Racing team is composed of four high profile winning drivers.   JT Taylor with co-driver Nick Socha will start 61st in the brand new Torchmate car.  Four rows back at the 68th starting position will be teammate and Torchmate Fabricator Jesse Haines with co-driver Rich Klein. At the front of the pack, brothers Brad Lovell will start in the 7thposition and one row behind in the 9th starting position will be Roger Lovell, both Torchmate sponsored drivers. “We have an amazing team taking the green flag this year,” said JT Taylor.  “All four drivers and cars have the potential to win, so there is no doubt it should be a great year for Torchmate Racing.”

In recognition of Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems now being available to purchase at 4 Wheel Parts, there is a special $500 off promotion on three different packages (see below), in addition to saving an additional $250 or $400 in shipping when purchasing or picking up pre-orders at 4 Wheel Parts showroom-on-wheels during King of the Hammers event. “We are excited to be launching the relationship with Torchmate through this special lakebed promotion including the discount, free shipping and immediate financing,” said Brent Goegebuer, 4 Wheel Parts Director of Marketing. The Torchmate Show Rig will be at the King of the Hammers to demonstrate the simplicity of using their CNC Cutting Tables, Water Tables or Plasma Cutters and help anyone with parts that they need made.

“I am really excited about the new relationship between Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems and 4 Wheel Parts.  The response to our latest Torchmate 2×2 CNC Prototyping System has been overwhelming,” said owner of Torchmate Bill Kunz.  “The partnership with 4 Wheel Parts is going to allow us to get the word out that CNC plasma cutting and routing technology is available to everyone, not only the fabricating elite.”

Those not attending the race can also receive the discount by ordering one of the 2X2 CNC systems over the phone 877-757-8444 from now until Friday February 11. All orders must be paid in full by February 11 to receive the discount, and shipping rates apply. “4 Wheel Parts is proud to add Torchmate to their list of quality parts and make it easy to service Torchmate customers through its 55 facilities across the US,” concluded Goegebuer.

2011 Torchmate Racing King of the Hammers Team

Car #            Driver                    Co Driver                          Starting Position
#13                JT Taylor             Nick Socha                        61st
#4499            Jesse Haines            Rich Klein                        68th
#232            Brad Lovell            Joachim Schwiesow            7th
#4432            Roger Lovell            Dallas Ashley                        9th

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  • 2×2 Watertable

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