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Torchmate Racing Mike Shaffer Bets Big at Mint 400

RENO, NV     MARCH 23, 2011   Mike Shaffer will compete in Class 10 at the SNORE Mint 400 this weekend.  Representing Torchmate Racing, Shaffer will start 15th in Class 10 in car number 1066.  “With this not being a points race for us, we have one objective and that is to not hold back, but be on the throttle from the start line,” said driver of record Mike Shaffer.  “We know with this size of a field that the winner will be the one that runs wide open with no issues to the finish, we just hope to be that team!”

The Class 10 #1066 team is composed of Mike Shaffer of Shaffer Offroad with co-driver Orlando “Bondo” Giannecchini of Any Seven Offroad.  Daniel Aeberli from Switzerland will drive with Bernie Strom in the second leg, and the third leg will be Shawn Twitchell with son Ian Twitchell.

This will be the second race with the Torchmate Class 10 car.  After their premier appearance at the BITD Parker 425 race they took it to Turnkey Engine Supply who claimed, after some tuning, to see the most horsepower out of a stock Class 10 EcoTech motor.  The team will meet with Fox Shox to dial in the suspension this week pre-race.

The Team will be available at Tech and Contingency on Friday March 25th.  The Race will start Saturday March 26th at 7am.  Follow the Shaffer-Motosports Torchmate team this weekend:

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Torchmate Racing Facebook Page:

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