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King Shocks’ Polaris, RZR XP900 kit delivers a whole new level of performance

King RZR XP900 Jump 1


King Shocks has just completed extensive desert testing of their new performance coilover shock kit for the Polaris, RZR, XP900. The XP900 is delivered as a long travel machine direct from the factory yet King’s race proven damping performance takes it to a whole new level. King’s Performance series shocks boost wheel travel from 14 to 15.5 inches in the rear and from 13.5 to an incredible 16.5 inches in front. The increased wheel travel, when combined with King’s highly refined damping control, lets you tap every ounce of performance from the RZR and its potent 88 horsepower, 900cc, twin EFI powerplant.

King RZR XP900 Jump 2


King Shocks test drivers were amazed by the modified RZR’s ability to devour

the roughest terrain at speeds approaching that of many purpose-built racecars. King’s shock kit for the XP900 delivers unparalleled high-speed performance without sacrificing comfort or control at lower speeds. If you want the ultimate performance from your RZR, you need the durability and performance that King Shocks can provide.


King RZR XP900 Jump 3

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