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Roger Norman Rock Crawls For the Win at W.E. Rock

RENO, NV     MAY 11, 2011  – Roger Norman took the Pro Modified Win in the Torchmate Racing Pro Mod #8 rock crawler at only his second appearance in the W.E. Rock Western Pro Nationals.  “I felt better having the one competition under my belt,” said successful Trophy-Truck racer Roger Norman.  “I came knowing this was one of the hardest sets of courses, and we just went methodically through the process of accomplishing each for the overall win.”

The obstacles on Saturday were intense including a 30ft vertical climb called the Terminator.  With a couple of tries, Norman pushed the Torchmate Rig up over the top and on Sunday he mastered it in one shot!  Norman also did about a 25ft vertical drop where he did the longest standing nose wheelie of the weekend, right into a water filled tunnel.  “The adrenaline for the entire 10 minutes is pumping!” exclaimed Norman.  “It is amazing what we are doing, and then you watch all the rest of your competitors try and do the same thing.  It makes for a great day!”  He left the competition on Saturday in the lead by well over 40 points.

When the team returned on Sunday, it was to finish with the win!  They had the lowest overall scores of the day which maintained their significant lead.  It was announced before the Pro Modified shootout that Roger Norman was the official winner of the round, but they decided to participate in the shootout anyways.  With a quick start they rolled in one of the first obstacles and they called it a day.

“It was much easier this time because I knew what I was doing.  When Lance told me to do a front dig, I knew how to do it; When he told me to put it into and out of four wheel drive, I knew easily how to, instead of having to think about what levers to pull or how to turn,” commented Norman.  Lance Clifford, his recent co-driver in the Trophy-Truck, was outside the car as his spotter giving directions via Bluetooth headsets.  There are many controls not found in a Trophy-Truck including a transfer case for controlling front wheel and rear wheel drive, front and rear air lockers and cutting brakes.  The front and rear winches are not for pulling you out of a bad situation, but rather connected to axle housings used for sucking in the suspension to account for different angles.  The BFGoodrich Krawlers had amazing traction, strength and stability on the man made course.

Roger Norman will be competing in the complete 2011 W.E. Rock West Series with the Torchmate Racing Team.  The next event will be at Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, UT the weekend of June 10-12, and the final competition round will be August 5-7 at Donner Ski Resort in the Sierra Nevadas.

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