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Torchmate Racing SuperLite Driver Dawson Kirchner Puts Truck in First Place

RENO, NV     MAY 24, 2011   The Torchmate SuperLite Championship Truck driven by Dawson Kirchner went all the way to first place on Sunday at the 6th round of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Round at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.  The win topped off an exceptional race weekend. “This was my second win in a SuperLite truck, I am really excited to be back on the podium!” said Dawson Kirchner.

You Tube Video Round 6 Action:

Kirchner started out the weekend with the fastest lap time in practice on Friday.  Putting some great lap times down, the car felt perfect in the warm Southern California conditions.  Saturday was no different when the Torchmate truck took the fastest qualifying time.  With a two row inverted start, Kirchner lined up in the second row.  His finish on Saturday wouldn’t be the best with a flat tire that put him a lap down that he could never make up.

Sunday, the SuperLite Torchmate Truck hit the track with authority at practice where Dawson Kirchner again led the pack with fastest lap time.  This time his qualifying position would pay off, putting him on the pole position of Sundays SuperLite Main event.  “There really was no battle, I stayed out in front for the whole race and was a full straight and a half ahead by the time they threw the checker flag,” said Kirchner.

After the awards ceremony on Sunday, in true sportsmanship, Dawson handed over his First Place trophy to Jeff “OX” Kargola’s younger brother Tanner Huffer.  “It was the right thing to do.  Jeff “OX” Kargola was part of the SuperLite family of drivers last year,” said Kirchner.  SuperLite Championship displayed the Kargola truck in his memory at the Glen Helen race.

The Torchmate SuperLite Truck will be at Miller Motorsports Park in Toole, UT June 25th and 26th for rounds 7 and 8 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

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About Dawson Kirchner: Dawson Kirchner is a 18 year old full time college student who burns up the dirt every weekend either racing a SuperLite Championship truck or riding his dirt bike.  He is trying to make a run at racing full time, and doing a successful job at continually climbing up onto the podium and building a positive reputation.  Acquiring skills while go-carting, Kirchner mastered the basics of driving such as braking points and apexing turns. After years of dirt bike racing, and the short stint in go-carts, he had the opportunity to drive a SuperLite truck in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.  In 2010, he had a photo finish win and multiple podiums and is successfully repeating history in 2011.  With Dawson’s determination to win we will see him on the podium more in 2011 and beyond than ever before.
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