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3 NEW RZR upgrade kits from FOX Racing Shox

Unleash the full potential of your Polaris RZR

Photo of RZR upgrade kits

FOX Racing Shox is now proud to offer 3 new stages of performance shock upgrades that will unleash the full potential of your stock RZR shocks. Your choice of Stage 1 which gives you 24 position compression adjustment, Stage 2 that includes race internals and rebound adjustment or all out Stage 3 upgrades that incorporate all the latest technology from FOX Racing Shox. Each performance upgrade includes all new components that will transform the handling and performance of your RZR-S, RZR-4, or RZR-XP.

Just give us a call at 1.800.FOX.SHOX to arrange your FACTORY service and to get a return authorization number (RA#) before sending your shocks in. Two FACTORY service centers are available to offer quick turn-around times. Our midwest service center is located in Brainerd, Minnesota and on the west coast, in Watsonville, California. Chances are, you probably could use a shock service as it is. Now you can get a performance upgrade and get the shock service for free. Upgrade prices are per pair of shocks and include all new components. Assembly labor charges apply but when you purchase an upgrade, a full service is also included at no extra charge.
Photo of Stage 1

The Stage 1 component package is available for the Polaris RZR-S, RZR-4 and RZR-XP. Stage 1 adds the Dual Speed Compression Adjuster (DSC). The DSC adjuster allows you to fine tune your ride to excel in a wider range of conditions and to complement your personal driving style. You can now adjust the shock’s high- and low-speed compression damping 24 positions each by simply turning the external adjusters. The DSC gives you maximum traction and handling by providing small bump compliance and at the same time the increased damping required for the bigger hits. Stage 1 components package price is $200 per pair plus installation labor.
Photo of Stage 2
The Stage 2 component upgrades for the Polaris RZR-4 and RZR-XP include rebound control adjustment and FACTORY level internals. FOX’s Rebound Control Adjuster has 24 position rebound tuning to precisely adjust the speed that the shock rebounds or extends. With the Stage 2 upgrade you will get the special rod end with adjuster, gun drilled shaft, performance seals and wiper and the FOX Racing Shox FACTORY high flow racing piston with matched valving.  Stage 2 components package price is $350 per pair plus installation labor.
Photo of Stage 3
The Stage 3 component upgrades include both Stage 1 and Stage 2 components combined to give you the ultimate performance level for your Polaris RZR-4 and RZR-XP. Stage 3 components package price is $550 per pair plus installation labor.

Shock servicing includes a complete disassembly and inspection by FACTORY service technicians. Any parts that are damaged and/or worn will be replaced. Shocks will then be re-assembled to FOX Racing Shox specs with fresh fluid. The labor charge is $120 per pair of shocks plus parts. You will only be charged for parts that need to be replaced.

For more information check out or call 1.800.FOX.SHOX


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