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FOX and McMillin Racing Capture Overall Four-Wheel Vehicle and Trophy Truck Victory at 2011 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000

McMillin Racing’s win makes it eleven Trophy Truck wins in a row for FOX Bryce Menzies takes the overall points championship with his third place finish.

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Santee, CA December 14, 2011– FOX has secured an unprecedented eleventh consecutive SCORE trophy truck win with McMillin Racing’s overall four-wheel vehicle and trophy truck class win at the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. This year’s Baja 1000 course combined the traditionally technical Baja 500 and the ever-brutal San Felipe 250.

Andy and Scott McMillin instituted a new era with a commanding performance at the 2009 Baja 1000, and have contributed again with their conquest of the 2011 Baja 1000. Since entering the premier trophy truck division as a team, Andy and Scott McMillin have been in the winner’s circle more times than not — with FOX race support as an integral part of their success.

“We are constantly making changes, trying to better our suspension setup, and our setup for the Baja 1000 was the best I’ve ever had,” explained Andy McMillin. “My co-driver, Todd Tenbroek, is a suspension-tuning specialist at FOX and he is constantly making changes trying to better our suspension setup. Our setup for this Baja 1000 was the best I’ve ever had in Mexico, or any race for that matter. It says a lot that the shocks can get better and better with proper tuning and determination.”

“This is an incredible third Baja 1000 win in a row for us,” said John Marking, VP of Offroad at FOX. “Even more incredible is that our win streak for SCORE trophy truck races is now eleven in a row.”

Eleven SCORE trophy truck race wins in a row is no accident. For over three decades, FOX’s dedicated team of enthusiasts and professional athletes have been working closely with its athletes to improve their suspension performance — trackside and in private test sessions.

Bryce Menzies, despite the disappointment of losing the battle, won the war by edging out Rob MacCachren in their year-long points championship battle with a third place finish at the 1000. Menzies Motorsports worked hand-in-hand with FOX this season to optimize the handling of all their vehicles, and the hard work and fine-tuning of their suspension paid off with the capture of both a SCORE Trophy Truck championship and a TORC Pro-2 championship.

Photo of Bryce Menzies

2011 SCORE Baja 1000 Class Winners
Trophy Truck & OA      Andy McMillin, Scott McMillin
Class 1/2 1600            Luke McMillin, Justin Smith
Class 5/1600               Jeffrey Smith, Justin Herrmann, Eric Sheets
Class 6                        Josh Quintero, Chris Taylor
Class 8                        Kent Kroeker, Alan Roach
Class 12                      Lee Banning, Lee Banning Jr.
Class 7-2                     Reid Rutherford, Danny Thompson
Class 11                      Justin Matney

11 Consecutive SCORE Trophy Truck Wins
2009 Baja 1000           Andy McMillin
2010 Laughlin              Andy McMillin
2010 San Felipe          Jesse Jones
2010 Baja 500             Andy McMillin
2010 Primm                 Jesse Jones
2010 Baja 1000           Tavo Vildosola
2011 Laughlin              Bryce Menzies
2011 San Felipe          Rob MacCachren
2011 Baja 500             Bryce Menzies
2011 San Felipe COC Rob MacCachren
2011 Baja 1000           Andy McMillin

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