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An “Evolution” in LED Headlamp Solutions

EvolotionGermantown, WI May 1, 2012 – J.W. Speaker officially unveiled the latest addition to its extensive line of LED headlamps today. Dubbed the “8700 Evolution,” this 7” round LED headlamp builds upon the successes of their best-selling Model 8700 to suit an even wider range of vehicles. “The 8700 Evolution is the culmination of years of optical engineering and thermal management research, enabling J.W. Speaker to produce a LED headlamp that offers superior performance, durability and longevity – all in a smaller package,” says Dragan Popovich, Director of R&D at J.W. Speaker Corporation. The 8700 Evolution replaces the Model 8700 and possesses several key advantages compared to other LED headlamps available on the market today:

Compliant with Global On-Road Safety Standards

Rather than relying on antiquated optical design concepts such as parabolic reflectors, the 8700 Evolution has been designed to leverage the very latest in advanced optical design. These optics enable the 8700 Evolution to produce a beam pattern that not only surpasses DOT requirements, but also exceeds ECE standards (which are more stringent and used throughout Europe and other parts of the world). J.W. Speaker is currently the only major lighting manufacturer producing LED headlamps for the aftermarket which exceed both DOT and ECE requirements.

Engineered Output for Superior Visibility

The 8700 Evolution combines a full array of LEDs with high-tech optics to maximize the amount of useful light (effective Lumens) emitted. The optical engineers at J.W. Speaker have designed the beam pattern of the 8700 Evolution to minimize glare for oncoming traffic, while at the same time placing an even spread of light where drivers need it the most. In contrast, the beam patterns of inferior LED headlamps (those utilizing low-tech optics or parabolic reflectors) typically exhibit streaks, hotspots, and errant light that ultimately result in sub-optimal illumination and glare.

New Form Factor, Same Extreme Durability

“The 8700 Evolution’s new, more compact form factor is a product of customer feedback,” remarked Ryan Mayrand, Product Marketing for J.W. Speaker. “Our Jeep customers were finding that our original 7” round headlamp required some modifications to the inside of the bucket in order to get a good fit, so we’ve designed the housing on the 8700 Evolution to be a direct drop-in replacement – no modifications necessary.” The 8700 Evolution, like its predecessor, features a heavy- duty die-cast housing and now offers two different inner bezel styles to choose from: “bold” black and “muscle” chrome. And to back it all up, J.W. Speaker corporation even offers a best-in-class 4 year limited warranty on the product.

If you would like additional information on the 8700 Evolution LED headlamp, please visit J.W. Speaker’s website:

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