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Fresno, CA-Trail-Gear, Inc. released three new products Friday (August 24). The first is a new product they are calling Buggy Builders, designed to help off-road enthusiasts get started building his or her ultimate off-road buggy. Trail-Gear also released armor for the current generation of Toyota Tacomas and an axle shaft collar to eliminate disengagement of the axle shaft from the differential.

Trail-Gear Buggy Builders are bundles of products used for the creation of custom off-road buggies. “The Engineers and the wheelers at Trail-Gear got together to develop three different packages that will allow off-road enthusiasts to build their own custom-designed buggies,” said Bob Herold, Trail-Gear Vice-President of Product Development and Sales. “Our Buggy Builders save customers the time of going to multiple vendors to find what they need and the money of shipping all the pieces individually.”

The kits come in a “Good”, “Better”, “Best” layout. Kit A is the basic, “Good”, package. It features a front Rock Assault™ 9 Axle Housing with Inner Axle Seals and seal housings, a completely welded rear Rock Assault™ 9 Axle Housing with 65” Wheel Mount Surface, a Dana 60 Drive Flange kit,
unit bearings, unit hubs, steering wheel disconnect, the Rock Assault™ Fully Loaded Brake kit, misalignment spacers, bungs, rod ends, and even an Optima Battery Box. Kit B, the “Better” package, includes everything in Kit A, plus a full hydraulic steering kit with a 160 mL Orbital Valve
and 10” double-ended ram, and four Creeper Locks wheels. Kit C is the “Best” of the three kits. It includes everything from Kit A plus the additions from Kit B then tops it off with a TG8000 Winch, Rock Recovery™ 3/8″ x 100′ Winch Line, Aluminum Fairlead, Tire Plug Kit, 3”x 30’ Rock Recovery™ Strap, Shackle D-Ring, Hi-Lift Jack Mount and Rubber Isolator, and a Rock Recovery™ Suspension Winch 3000. “We wanted to offer Wheelers kits that had what they needed to begin the build of their dream buggy,” said Herold. The kits retail for $5,352.30, $7,881.20 and $8,768.50 respectively on the Trail-Gear website,

Trail-Gear also just released their signature Rock Sliders for 2008-2012 Toyota Tacomas. With this addition to their Tacoma Rock Slider line, Trail-Gear now offers Rock Sliders for each generation of Tacomas. The 2008-2012 Tacoma Rock Sliders are made from 1 ¾”x.120 wall DOM tubing and
include hardware for bolt-on installation, although they may also be welded on. The Rock Sliders are shipped raw and ready to customize. They retail for $282 on the Trail-Gear website.

The final product Trail-Gear released Friday, the TG Axle Shaft Collar, prevents lateral movement of the axle shaft and keeps it engaged with the differential. It is made of steel with a Black Oxide finish and measures 1 1/2” I.D. x 2 3/8” O.D. and 9/16” wide. The TG Axle Shaft Collar is designed to work with the Rock Assault™ 9 35-Spline Axle Shafts and retails for $12 each. Two TG Axle Shaft Collars are also included in each of the Buggy Builder kits.

Interested parties may purchase these or any of the Trail-Gear products from an authorized Trail- Gear dealer or via the Trail-Gear website ( All design and development for the Trail-Gear Buggy Builder kits, the Trail-Gear 2008-2012 Tacoma Rock Sliders and the Trail-Gear Axle Shaft Collar were done at the Trail-Gear, Inc. world headquarters in Fresno, California.

Trail-Gear, Inc. is an industry leader in quality off-road product design and manufacturing.

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