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Fresno, CA- Trail-Gear, Inc. is expanding their offerings for FJs with the release of two new steering kits for FJ80s. Trail-Gear is also expanding their Trail Tag line with the addition of Trail Tags for their rear bumpers and tube doors. All four products are available for purchase beginning today (Friday, September 28).

Trail-Gear is now offering a heavy duty upgrade to the stock FJ80 Tie Rod. The stock Tie Rod is easily bent when the vehicle is taken off-road. Trail-Gear’s FJ80 Heavy Duty Tie Rod Kit includes TG’s Heavy Duty FJ80 Tie Rod Ends and Tie Rod tubing made from 1.25″ x .250″ wall DOM, making the steering system more capable of handling off-road driving without incident. The rod ends included in the kit are greased for life, sealed, and include the cotter pin and jam nut. The Tie Rod is precision tapped with left- hand threads marked. Each rod is test fitted to ensure rod ends thread in with correct fit. The Trail-GearFJ80 Heavy Duty Tie Rod Kit works on 1990-1997 Toyota Land Cruisers (FJ80s).

Additionally, Trail-Gear is offering a Steering Stabilizer Kit for FJ80s designed to upgrade the stock steering components and reduce the amount of vibration the driver feels when bigger tires and a lifted suspension are installed on the vehicle. The Trail-Gear FJ80 Heavy Duty Steering Stabilizer kit will reduce steering vibrations and make for a more comfortable driving experience. This kit upgrades the stock Tie Rod, Steering Stabilizer, and Drag Link with stronger than stock replacements. The upgraded Steering Stabilizer features an eight inch stroke.

In addition to these two new products, the following existing Trail-Gear products are also fully compatible and able to be used on FJ80s: Hub Stud Kit (140438-1-KIT); ARP 2000 Hub Stud Kit (144026-1-KIT); Wheel Bearing Nut Kit (140424-1-KIT); Magnum Knuckle Studs (140171-1-KIT); TG Super Metal Knuckle Studs (186116-1-KIT); Knuckle Studs (140054-1); Knuckle Stud Nut (140055-1); Knuckle Stud Wave Washer (140056-1); and Knuckle Stud Cone Washer (140053-1), along with most of the Trail-Gear recovery products.

Trail-Gear began producing Trail Tags early in 2012. These steel plates come precision laser cut with the Trail-Gear logo and are ready to be welded on. The line began with Rock Slider Tags, then, Front Bumper and Oval Trail Tags were offered. Now Trail-Gear is releasing Rear Bumper Trail Tags and the Tube Door Trail Tags. The Rear Bumper Trail Tag is made of 14 gauge steel and the Tube Door Trail Tag is made of 12 gauge steel. They have been specially designed to fit the Trail-Gear rear bumpers and tube doors.

Interested parties may purchase the FJ80 Heavy Duty Steering Stabilizer Kit for $199 or the FJ80 Heavy Duty Tie Rod kit for $99 from any Authorized Trail-Gear Dealer or via the Trail-Gear website, The Trail-Gear Rear Bumper Trail Tags and Tube Door Trail Tags retail for $16 and $19 respectively and can also be purchased from any Authorized Trail-Gear Dealer or via the Trail-Gear website.

All design and development for the products were done at Trail-Gear, Inc. in Fresno, California. Trail-Gear exhaustively tests their products at some of the world’s hardest courses, such as “The Hammers” in Johnson Valley, California and the Rubicon Trail in Lake Tahoe, California.

Trail-Gear, Inc. is an industry leader in quality off-road product design and manufacturing.

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