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Credit for Off Road Race Wins Goes to RCV Performance Products Ultimate CV Axles for Ford Twin Traction Beam Suspension

Loves Park, IL: “The reliability of RCV CV axles for the Ford TTB allows us to take wins, and finish on the podium more consistently than ever before” states 2012 Traxxas Torc Series Formula 4×4 Champion Brad LaMarche. “We were facing a problem breaking the u-joints and axle shafts on our Ford Twin Traction Beam axle, which resulted in DNF’s. Since we began using RCV’s Ultimate CV Axles we have not had a single problem with breakage”.

In 2012 RCV Performance Products began offering their Ultimate Ford TTB CV Axle Set for Bronco, F150, and F250 as a solution to racers and off road enthusiasts experiencing breakage problems with their Ford Twin Traction Beam axle shafts. “RCV CV axle shafts were designed to easily replace the u-joint axle shafts of the Ford Twin Traction Beam axle” states Sean Carlini, Director of RCV Product Development. “Our Ultimate CV Axles have been tested to be twice as strong as original equipment shafts, whether at straight or highly articulated angles”.

“RCV Ultimate Ford TTB CV Axles incorporate RCV’s DD Difference: Design and Durability” continues Carlini. “With the RCV high strength CV joint engine torque is spread over six bearings, rather than the two bearing cups of a U-joint. Thereby distributing force over a larger surface area, and making our CV joints intrinsically stronger than u-joints. Also, as the steering wheel is turned the operating angle of an axle shaft joint becomes tighter, which can cause a u-joint to bind and break due to the geometry of the design. The design of the CV joint allows it to always assume a position that makes equal angles with the input and output shafts, which eliminates binding. The RCV CV joint design also provides a greater range of motion than the TTB u-joint design, which is ideal for trucks with lifted suspension. The result is high strength and smooth power delivery without steering wheel shimmy” states Carlini.

“In the case of our Ultimate Ford TTB CV Axles all u-joints are replaced with our ultra-high strength CV joints that are manufactured with aircraft quality high alloy steel for high resistance to bursting and fracture, and the joints are protected by our patented Spherical Sealing Technology. This feature incorporates a cast polyurethane cap to provide resistance to punctures and tears, rather than using a rubber boot that’s susceptible to damage. Our axle shafts are made from aircraft quality high alloy steel as well, and utilize our race proven slip spline design” Carlini concludes.

“The Ford TTB design is pretty solid right from the factory” states race champion LaMarche. “Not much plating and stiffening is needed. However, we found that in order to keep the u-joints from “walking-out” of the TTB axle shaft yokes, the u-joint caps needed to be welded to the yoke ears. Once this issue was resolved we found the next problem was that the either the u-joint would break or the yoke ears would snap off when we were giving it heavy throttle. This would mainly happen when we were turning – which causes the u-joints to bind, as well as when there was shock to the driveline – like when the truck is airborne and the wheels speed up and then instantly slow down when the truck lands. When axles break our race is over. That’s where RCV came in with a fix. No matter what we do they don’t break” LaMarche concludes.

RCV Ultimate Ford TTB CV Axles are available for ‘80-‘96.5 Bronco and F150, and ‘84-‘85.5 F250. Application details are available at

About RCV Performance Product

RCV Performance Products is a division of Aircraft Gear Corporation, a family owned business conglomeration that has been in operation for over 60 years, and includes Rockford Constant Velocity – one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of CV parts in the Western Hemisphere. In addition to offering the most complete line of American-made products, the corporation is also a prominent supplier of rear driveline components. RCV Performance Products specializes in the manufacture and distribution of patented off road CV axle conversions and IFS CV upgrades for vehicle makes including Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Hummer, Jeep and Toyota. RCV also specializes in applications for custom builds. RCV Ultimate CV Axles are used by championship winning Off Road racing teams. For more information visit

About LaMarche Racing

LaMarche Racing competes in the Central Mud Association Formula 4×4 Class. Team driver Brad LaMarche has taken many wins including the 2010 Traxxas Torc Series – 3rd place overall finish, 2011 Championship and the 2011 World Championship, and the 2012 overall Championship. Visit the LaMarche Racing Facebook page at!/LaMarche.Racing

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