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Fresno, CA-In response to customer requests Trail-Gear, Inc. has expanded their Trail Spike product line with the addition of Trail Spikes sized for smaller tubing and released a variety of ARB products for sale individually beginning Friday, October 19th.

“Along with the success and popularity of the 1.75-inch O.D. tubing Trail Spikes, we have received a lot of our customers asking for Trail Spikes for 1.5-inch O.D. tubing,” explains Aaron Young, Trail-Gear Engineer. “The Trail Spikes were a fun project, so I was happy to re-visit them to give the customers what they want.” The new, smaller Trail Spikes can be welded on to any 1.5-inch O.D. x .120 wall tubing in place of an end cap. They are made of 2 inches of solid steel and retail for $27 a pair via the Trail-Gear website.

Trail-Gear also released a 5-mm nylon ARB Air Line, an ARB Rocker Switch, an ARB Solenoid, an ARB Nipple Fitting, an ARB Push-In Fitting and an Actuator Switch for sale as individual products Friday, October 19th. “We’ve had a lot of requests from customers purchasing the Trail- Gear Rear Disconnect, asking about purchasing a couple of ARB component to use with their existing air locker. Previously we’ve only offered all of these parts as a kit, but the high volume of requests convinced us to offer them separately,” describes Bob Herold, Trail-Gear Vice- President of Product Development and Sales. These products are suited for use as replacement parts for Air Lockers or with the Trail-Gear Rear Disconnect.

Interested parties may purchase these products from any authorized Trail-Gear dealer or via the Trail-Gear website

Trail-Gear, Inc. is an industry leader in quality off-road product design and manufacturing.

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