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Impact by MasterCraft Safety is Now Your Source For NecksGen Head and Neck Restraints

Impact by MasterCraft Safety is your source for Necksgen restraints
 Two years ago MasterCraft Safety stunned the entire racing world with their announcement at the International Motorsports Industry Show that they had purchased Impact Race Products.  Now Robbie Pierce and the innovative minds at MasterCraft Safety are up to it again with another equally astounding announcement.  “With the addition of Impact we supplemented our industry-leading energy attenuating racing seats, restraints, and driving suits with helmets, gloves, shoes, and more.  Only one piece of the puzzle was missing… head and neck restraints. The solution?  Impact is now your preferred source for the NecksGen head and neck restraint.”
Made in Southern California from the latest carbon-fiber composite DuPont® material and weighing in at a mere 1.8 pounds, the Impact NecksGen has achieved superior results in SFI 38.1 testing.  Impact takes safety and quality to the next level with its lightweight, simple-to-use Necksgen head restraint unit. The Impact NecksGen features a single adjustable helmet tether that allows energy to be distributed evenly through four load paths for maximum head and neck protection and unique shoulder restraint wings to keep loose harnesses from slipping off under accident conditions.

As the name implies, the Impact NecksGen provides several innovative features that make it the most advanced head and neck restraint system on the market.  These include side protection, the ability to accommodate 2-inch and 3-inch wide restraints, and adjustability to customize fitment, and the ability to work with seat angles from 10 to 40 degrees.  All of these benefits for a price less than the competition, and quick release hardware is included at no extra charge.

The ultimate safety alliance has been created, capitalizing on the manufacturing and production capabilities of Impact and MasterCraft Safety with the innovative NecksGen.  Want to learn more?  Stop by Booth 2359 at the Performance Racing Industry Show on November 29th through December 1st in Orlando and Booth 701 at the IMIS Show on December 6th through 8th in Indianapolis.

For more information or to order contact MasterCraft Safety or Impact at:
MasterCraft Safety   619.449.9455
Impact   317.852.3067
Impact by MasterCraft Safety offers a full complement of industry leading safety equipment, from SNELL 2010 certified helmets to fire-resistant driving suits and Nomex underwear.  Founded by safety pioneer Bill Simpson in 2002, Impact moved under the MasterCraft Safety banner in 2010.  Impact’s line of helmets, driving and crew suits, drag parachutes, window nets, and race restraints are all made in the United States in their manufacturing facility strategically located in the heart of Gasoline Alley in Indiana, just ten minutes from Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Based in Santee, California, MasterCraft Safety is the leading manufacturer of driving suits, window nets, and innovative energy attenuating safety seating and restraint systems custom tailored to endure the most extreme environmental conditions and off-road terrain.  In addition to three decades of real world testing in the most extreme racing conditions, independent tests by nationally recognized laboratories indicate the MasterCraft Safety energy attenuating seat directly resulted in an 84% reduction of energy in a 55 “G” load event.  Additional testing in the +Z axis has resulted in impressive Dynamic Response Index data of 13.7 in a (nominal) 350G impact. These qualities and craftsmanship make MasterCraft seats the leading choice for environments where safety can mean the difference between life and death, from desert racing to hostile territory overseas.

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