LetzRoll Offroad Racing Continues Positive Momentum into 2013

LetzRoll RacingMESA, AZ   JANUARY 2013   The 2012 LetzRoll Offroad Racing Team delivered 2 National Championships, 2 Southwest series championships, a 3rd place Dirt Riot National series finish and is focused on continued success in 2013.  LetzRoll Offroad is the only shop in the country who can say they have podium Champions in every class.  The 2013 race year starts at the Griffin King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, CA, February 3 – 8.  LetzRoll Offroad Racing is proud to be entering 4 cars in this year’s event: Andrew McLaughlin #4493 will be racing the Griffin King of the Hammers and three entries for Smittybilt Everyman Challenge include Alan Johnson #4511, Shawn Passmore #4669 and Matt Salyers #4634.  Learn more about the entire LetzRoll Offroad Racing team by watching the 2013 team preview:

“I am so proud of the entire team,” said Andrew McLaughlin, #4493 driver of record and owner of LetzRoll Offroad.  “The variety of people that we have on the team; all different backgrounds, all different skill sets… that’s what makes us unique.  We’re really strategic with racing, but when everybody comes together it’s a 100% solid team.  Adding the two other classes not only brought more people to the sport… more friends to the sport…but also brought more challenges and more rewards.  We continue to step up the level of the #4493 and we improve with every race.  We start 2013 pushing 500hp in the car and it is supported with Artec and Yukon products that can handle the new power.  The ADS shocks have made all the difference in the world at race speed in how it handles the desert.”

The black and yellow #4493 ESAB N.A. / Yukon Gear and Axle car, piloted by Andrew McLaughlin, finished 2012 3rd nationally in the Dirt Riot Endurance Racing series, earning automatic KOH qualification for 2013.  With the addition of Artec Industries, ADS Shocks, and Ballistic Fabrication to an already strong partner team that includes Yukon Gear and Axle, ESAB N.A., Goodyear Tire, and Raceline Wheels, the #4493 is ready for 2013.  Andrew McLaughlin, owner of LetzRoll Offroad and pilot of the #4493, along with co-drivers Ryan Frost and Tim Ray, plan to bring their high energy, “no holds barred” racing styles to push the racecar to the absolute limit.  Andrew always entertains and provides a great show for fans and drivers alike. Watch a spotlight video on Andrew McLaughlin:

The red and silver modified stock #4511 Pit Bull Tire / HigherGround4x4 car, driven by Alan Johnson and Geoff “Rockslapper” Larson, is ready for its second go at the Smittybilt Everyman Challenge.  With a Mod/Stock Dirt Riot National Championship under their belt, Johnson and Larson are looking forward to the challenges of Johnson Valley.  “Pit Bull Tires has really stepped up to the plate with their support and will be huge factor in our 2013 success.  The car is stronger than ever and with a new 14b rear axle and Yukon shafts and joints, we will be very fast, very strong and very competitive in this year’s EMC,” said Alan. Watch a spotlight video on Alan Johnson:

The green and silver stock class #4669 Rock Krawler Suspension / Yukon Gear and Axle car, driven by Shawn Passmore and Mike Bradley, is once again taking on the Smittybilt Everyman Challenge.  Shawn has added upgrades from Poison Spyder and Brown Dog to improve upon his 4th place finish in the 2012 EMC.  “Last year, we really just planned on racing the Everyman Challenge.  We did so well we got involved in the Dirt Riot series and then it kind of became a way of life.  Racing with friends and family and meeting new people is what it’s all about,” said Shawn.  Watch a spotlight video on Shawn Passmore:

New to the LetzRoll Offroad team for 2013 is the stock class red and silver #4634 Team M.A.D / AZ Cherokee Club XJ, driven by Matt Salyers and his brother, Adam Salyers.  They are taking on the Smittybilt Everyman Challenge for the first time.  A family affair, the #4634 is a long and lean XJ that is ready for the desert.  “My team was born on the notion of racing the hardest off road race known to man. I wanted to race KOH, I had the jeep and my brother wanted to go for the ride while my dad agreed to help turn a wrench. We are Team M.A.D and we are a family racing team that runs in the stock class of Ultra 4 under the numbers of 4634,” said Matt. Watch a spotlight video on Matt Salyers:

None of this would have been possible without the commitment and quality of our sponsors and partners. Yukon Gear and Axle has provided a strong foundation for harsh endurance racing and all four teams have had tremendous success with Yukon’s gears, axle shafts, lockers, and hubs.  With the constant abuse of rock racing, it is essential to trust your equipment.  Yukon is unbelievable.  Thank you to Artec industries for their support and superior products.  Andrew, Shawn, and Matt race Goodyear tires and have had zero tire issues the entire race season.  Strong, dependable, and versatile, Goodyear is the tire of choice for LetzRoll Offroad racing.  Thank you for your commitment.  Thank you also to PSC steering, ESAB N.A., Ballistic Fabrication, and the extremely rugged and dependable Raceline wheels… as tough as Andrew is on trees and axle shaft tubes, his Raceline Wheels have taken the abuse and more!  Special personal acknowledgement of Charlene Bower of Bower Motorsports Media for her contribution, coaching, and support of the race teams, as well as Shelley and Big Rich at W.E.Rock / Dirt Riot for their tireless commitment to our sport.

LetzRoll Offroad Racing would also like to acknowledge the Arizona Undertakers and others for their contribution in the pits, in the shop, and on the trail.

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More about the #4493 Unlimited team:  Since the age of 16, Andrew McLaughlin knew he was meant for wheeling.  After attending ASU while serving in the military, Andrew graduated and worked in the corporate world for 7 years until his passion for off-roading got the best of him. Andrew started LetzRoll Offroad in 2008 as a part time business through the Internet.  In 2010, he left corporate America and followed his dreams of owning his own business and opened LetzRoll Offroad.  Andrew turned his passion into a business.  LetzRoll Offroad began in 2008, mainly offering Internet sales of quality off-road parts (  With the support and encouragement of his wife plus a growing group of loyal customers requesting custom fabrication and installation, Andrew made the move into a full time custom shop and the rest has been history.  Today LetzRoll Offroad has 3 full time employees (all active wheelers in their own right) who have been racing together for years in Jeepspeed events.  The move to the Ultra4 and Dirt Riot series was a natural fit for their experience in both rocks and desert.  Andrew lives in Mesa, AZ.

More about the #4511 Pro/Mod team:  Team LetzRoll Offroad’s modified stock entry hails from Phoenix, AZ.  Alan Johnson and Geoff “Rockslapper” Larson are true “Everymen” who work regular jobs during the week so they can build their rigs and crawl the Arizona desert on the weekend.  Alan is an executive at Mercer Advisors ( and Geoff is a top notch body man at Dale’s Auto Collision.   With the support of this is Johnson and Larson’s second race season and they are honored to be a part of LetzRoll Offroad Racing.  Starting as a “40th birthday present” event (to race in the 2012 Smittybuilt Everyman Challenge), the adrenaline of racing and the relationships built while building the car have caused an addiction that can only be met by the Ultra4 and Dirt Riot racing season.

More about the #4669 Stock class team:  Shawn Passmore has been a wheeler for the last 20 years, starting with a 1979 CJ5 then moving to a 98 TJ that has wheeled everything from back roads to 4.5 trails all over AZ.  “My family enjoys the outdoors as much as I do and we have continued the long standing traditions that I was raised with such as tread lightly and respect the land/other users just like they were family. I was born is AZ and have raised my child here because of the many opportunities to ‘get away from it all’ that we enjoy so much.”  Co-Driver Mike Bradley has joined the team for 2013 and is excited to be a part of the national championship team.  Both Shawn and Mike reside in Mesa, AZ.

More about the #4634 Stock class team:  Matt is active military serving in the Air Force, based in Phoenix, AZ.  Matt and co-driver and brother Adam, and their father have been building the car off and on during deployments in 2012.  “Team M.A.D” are a family based team founded on a dream that became a reality.  Matt’s mom helps in the form of motivation and recording video and Matt’s amazing wife supports him and even helps work on the jeep.  Mat and his family reside in Surprise, AZ.

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