FOX 4.0 Factory Series Bypass Now Available

4.0 diameter bypass shocks provide additional damping and cooling capabilities over smaller options

FOX_OFFROAD_40_FACTORY_BYPASSNow available, the FOX 4.0 Factory Series Bypass shock is the ideal position-sensitive shock for lightweight unlimited offroad racecars and pre-runners.

Bypass shocks allow precise adjustment of multiple stages of compression and rebound damping. The 4.0 Factory Series Bypass shock adds another competitive option to FOX’s already extensive bypass shock lineup. The expanded volume provides a wider damping range and increased cooling—optimizing the suspension and increasing the vehicle’s capabilities. The 4.0 Bypass shock uses the same extended and compressed lengths as the 3.5 Factory Series Bypass for easy upgrading.

FOX_OFFROAD_40_FACTORY_BYPASSThe 4.0 Bypass shock comes standard with FOX’s Rotating Body Cap (RBC) technology that allows quick and easy positioning of the shock body with simple hand tools. RBC eliminates the need of re-clocking body cap threading to achieve shock body rotation for chassis clearance issues. The 1.125” hard chrome-plated 17-4 H900 stainless steel shock shaft provides increased strength and stiffness.

Multiple stroke lengths are available with a large 3.5 piggyback reservoir and 4 or 5 tube layouts.  FOX also offers many custom options to maximize your suspensions performance while adhering to the vehicle’s space restrictions.  Options include custom bypass tube layouts, External Cooling Systems (ECS), remote reservoir mounting, and eyelet lengths.

Contact your local FOX Offroad retailer or our Offroad Race Departmentdirectly for purchase information.

FOX 4.0 Factory Series Bypass
4.0 x 12 FS Bypass (4 tube) Piggyback | EXT 33.54 COL 21.54 | 981-02-390 $2000.00 retail
4.0 x 14 FS Bypass (4 tube) Piggyback | EXT 38.54 COL 24.54 | 981-02-391 $2000.00 retail
4.0 x 16 FS Bypass (5 tube) Piggyback | EXT 42.54 COL 26.54 | 981-02-392 $2000.00 retail
4.0 x 18 FS Bypass (5 tube) Piggyback | EXT 46.54 COL 28.54 | 981-02-393 $2000.00 retail

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