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PRMG Acquires JPFreek Adventure Magazine

Primitive Road Media Group acquires JPFreek Adventure Magazine

Primitive Road Media Group PRMGPrimitive Road Media Group, LLC (PRMG) announces the recent acquisition of JPFreek Adventure Magazine. The acquisition of JPFreek Adventure Magazine will enhance Primitive Road Media Group’s network of growing digital magazine and website properties within the off-road and 4×4 market.

Primitive Road Media Group is a business consulting firm created to fully integrate web presence with brand awareness. Through the use of mobile responsive web design, best in class search engine optimization, and old fashioned business principles, PRMG is rapidly growing in the off-road and 4×4 digital media markets.

Zach Berning, Co-Founder of PRMG: “The JPFreek brand is a perfect fit for PRMG. They’ve been a pioneer in the digital magazine market as well as a trusted “go to” resource for Jeep enthusiasts. By combining our resources and furthering the work that JPFreek has already done, we’ll be able to take JPFreek to the next level and make a huge impact in the Jeep media space. While we’ve seen growth across all markets, nothing is hotter right now than the Jeep market!” 

Clint Terrill, Co-Founder of PRMG: “After many years of working with the JPFreek brand, I am excited at the prospects of growing into the future. JPFreek has always been a front runner in the space. Integrating JPFreek into the PRMG family will allow it to finally have the resources and means to move to the next level.

JPFreek has recently launched a new website and will expanding it’s coverage of industry news, product releases, and Jeep events. While JPFreek will share resources with some of PRMG’s other web properties like MOTUS and Grab A Wrench, JPFreek will be run independently to keep its own unique voice and feel.

Please take a few minutes to review the Media Kit for PRMG and become familiar with our family of brands. We look forward to discussing your business needs and how PRMG can help.

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