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Chicago Pneumatic Introduces the New CP7732 “Stubby” 1/2″ Impact Wrench

Chicago Pneumatic CP7732Unparalleled power to weight/size ratio for general mechanic applications in confined spaces Chicago Pneumatic, since 1901 a quality leader in high-performance air tools, is launching the CP7732, an ultra-compact and powerful impact wrench designed for difficult work in confined spaces. At only 4.4″ long (112 mm), this stubby powerhouse is ideal for transmission, engine, and brake work.

Small, yet amazingly powerful, the CP7732 ½” ”Stubby” impact offers an excellent power-to-weight/size ratio. With an extraordinary 450 ft-lbs.(610 Nm) of torque, and weighing only 2.9 lbs.(1.3 kg), this new addition to the Chicago Pneumatic product line can easily remove or tighten fasteners in the most difficult to reach applications.

Chicago Pneumatic CP7732A unique feature of the CP7732 is the ability to quickly change tool orientation for either right or left handed use. This user-friendly feature compliments the single handed trigger which offers 3 power settings in both forward and reverse. The Jumbo Hammer impact mechanism provides both exceptional power and durability at 9000 rpm. In addition, the steel and aluminum construction of the CP7732 provides ultimate tool durability.

”Meeting the demands of the vehicle service industry is Chicago Pneumatic’s goal.” said Luis Clément, Vice President Chicago Pneumatic Tools. ”It’s these types of unique tools, that are engineered for power, performance and productivity, which complement today’s vehicle service workforce.”

Smaller than your fist, the CP7732 can fit virtually anywhere you hand can! It’s the must have tool for every mechanic’s tool box, allowing them to work in tight spaces that are otherwise unreachable with a standard ½ impact wrench.

The CP7732 is now available from Chicago Pneumatic Tools authorized distributors. For more information or a distributor in your area, please visit:

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