Bend-Tech introduces Bending Edge

by / 0 Comments / 19 View / June 20, 2014

Bending EdgeWe are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new product line called Bending Edge. Bending Edge is a portable 7″ touchscreen device that will take the guesswork out of specific manufacturing processes. There are three different machine types that Bending Edge has been designed to work with.

  • Press Brake – Use with a vertical or horizontal press brake, Bending Edge will find the depth or ram location needed to achieve the desired angle.
  • Plate Rolls – Use with 3 or 4 roll plate machines, Bending Edge will find the roll locations for the desired radius.
  • Profile Bending – Use with angle roll machines, Bending Edge will find the roll locations for the desired radius.

The Bending Edge Device combines geometric math calculations with the calibrated log data to provide accurate machine settings. Bending Edge will provide the roll or die locational value to the scale and range for your machine. Sheet and plate Bending Edge Devices account for material thickness and length down the die or roll. There are quick adjustments for mill run variances of material and spring back is also accommodated for. There is also a graphical display to show the comparison of historical data.

Please give us a call or send and email with any questions you may have, you can also check out our website at www.bendingedge.com. We hope you become part of the Bending Edge Revolution!

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