Press Release

AFR+ Upgrade: Clean Power

unnamedBelgrade, MT – 10/20/2014 – Dobeck Performance has upgraded a number of AFR+ part numbers to now ­­­include a relay harness which will connect directly to the battery. The upgrade is being made to ensure the DP system is receiving “Clean Power” through their electronics.

“Through more testing and technical support cases, we have found just how taxed OEM electrical systems have become. Some systems can no longer supply a consistent 12V power at the injector. We have been powering up our EFI controllers for years by drawing our power source from the injector connection. The lack of Clean Power through the OEM electrical system has not affected our GEN 2, GEN 3 and GEN 3.5 controllers. The more advanced AFR+ (GEN 4) system does require a more consistent 12V power source. We’ve decided to change some installations to connect directly to the battery. We’ve implemented a relay harness to act as the switch to power-up the GEN 4 electronics.”

Current AFR+ owners are not required to update their systems if the electronics are operating correctly. Users experiencing any erratic functionality are encouraged to contact DP’s technical support to diagnose how much they are taxing their OEM electrical system.

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