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Olympus Offroad to partner with Nitro Gear and Axle

Parker Colorado – December 5th 2014 Olympus Offroad is excited to partner with Nitro Gear and Axle as the Title sponsor for Olympus Offroad Racing for the 2015 Season. Nitro continues to solidify itself as an industry leader through leading edge products and competitive pricing that is difficult to match. With the addition of their new
Billet third and 40 spline parts, NITRO is setting the bar higher than ever.

“Nitro Gear and Axle will play a vital role in not only the 2015 race season but through the installation in customer vehicles and future builds. Having a solid company to work with aids not only in strong parts for racing success but happy customers with reliable parts. The addition of a second USA based warehouse will decrease shipping time
and increase efficiency.”

Daniel Sach – Owner Olympus Offroad Driver Ultra 4 #4523

Olympus Offroad Racing is a US based team that continues to expand with new team members and sponsored drivers for the 2015 Season. 4 New Additions to Team Olympus Offroad Racing are Carlos Banegas, Cameron Chin, Tim Adkins and Jordan Townsend.

“Winning in the competitive world of off-road racing requires top quality parts and the support of an amazing team.  With our partnership with Team Olympus Offroad and Nitro Gear and Axle I’m confident we’ll be at the front of the pack in 2015!”

Jordan Townsend– Driver Ultra 4 #4580

Olympus Offroad Racing will be represented across the Dirt Riot racing Series and Ultra 4 Racing Nationally. 2015 is poised to be a year to remember.

Team Olympus could not succeed without its Long List of Official Team Sponsors.

Nitro Gear and Axle

F.O.A Shock Absorbers


Factor 55


Liquid Image

Longevity Welding


Raceline Beadlocks

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