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Hutchinson’s DOT Compliant Dual Beadlock Rims

Hutchinson DOT Beadlock Wheels - photo credit: Mike DavidsonOver ten years ago, three sets of tires, and well over 75,000 miles, the Hutchinson beadlocks have proven themselves countless times. These DOT-compliant street-legal rims are built to last. Keep in mind that many of those miles were under a fully loaded 80 series Land Cruiser tackling some of the hardest terrain we could find. The only casualty being some minor scrapes around the edges.Rim scraping, Hutchinson DOT Beadlock Wheels - photo credit: Mike Davidson

Hutchinson’s design incorporates an inner spacer that securely clamps both the inner and outer bead at lowered or zero pressure. This increases traction, keeps debris out of the tire, improves braking, and makes the vehicle safer by reducing the risk of rollover.

A fear of mine was wheeling with a lot of weight up high, running low pressure, and losing a bead. Losing a tire on an off camber side hill being the worst situation I could imagine. That is no longer an issue running these and the peace of mind was more than worth it. Not top heavy, at all :-) - photo credit: Mike Davidson

On one trip a pinch flat destroyed a Toyo Open Country MT, said to have one of the toughest sidewalls, without any damage to the Hutchinson. Having these allowed me to drive to safety without the fear of separating a tire.
Through Rocks…

Hutchinson DOT Beadlocks, on the rocks... - photo credit: Mike Davidson


Hutchinson DOT Beadlocks, in the mud... - photo credit: Mike Davidson


Hutchinson DOT Beadlocks, in the sand... - photo credit: Mike Davidson

and snow.

Hutchinson DOT Beadlocks, in the snow... - photo credit: Mike Davidson

They have performed flawlessly. Torqued to the recommended 100 +/- 5 FT-LB [136 +/- 7 NM], they have never leaked and required zero maintenance.

Hutchinson DOT Beadlock Wheels - photo credit: Mike Davidson

Hutchinson P/N WA-0567
Size 17 x 8.5″
Bolt pattern 6H – 139.7 mm BCD
Lug style M12 shank nut (hub piloted)
Hub bore diameter 4.18″ (106.2 mm)
SAE rated load 2,750 lbs. – 60 psi
Backspacing 4.51″ (114.3 mm)
Construction Cast aluminum alloy

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