New Products

Trail-Gear is now offering a 2″ OD Interlocking Tube Clamp

Need to place a support tube across your truggy or buggy, but need the flexibility to remove a motor, transmission, or even a seat? We have the perfect solution for you, Trail-Gear’s Interlocking Tube Clamps. The Chromoly Interlocking Tube Clamps are machined from 100% 4130 chromoly steel and are provided with two socket head cap screws.

Kit Includes

 Tube Clamp (1)

 Allen Head Bolts (2)

Part Number         Outer Diameter          Thickness

180109-KIT       1”           .065”
180110-KIT       1”           .120”
180095-KIT       1.25”        .095”
180096-KIT       1.25”        .120”
180113-KIT       1.5”         .095”
180114-KIT       1.5”         .120”
180111-KIT       1.75”        .095”
180112-KIT       1.75”        .120”
303722-KIT       2”           .120”


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