Agri-Cover Inc. introduces powerful LED lights for off-road driving and work

JAMESTOWN, N.D. — Agri-Cover Inc. (ACI) presents new ACI Off-Road LED Lights for higher illumination to drive or work at night.

The lights come in 18-, 24-, 42-, 90- and 120-watt models. The newest 21-inch ACI 120W LED Light Bar features a combo beam pattern with a total of 10,800 lumens. Ten LEDs in the center give a tight spot beam to light the path ahead while the outside LEDs have wide flood patterns to avoid tunnel vision.

Waterproof and shock resistant, ACI Off-Road LED Lights are constructed with die-cast aluminum housings and adjustable, stainless steel mounting brackets. The lights can be wired into any direct-current system from 10 to 30 volts and are rated for 30,000 hours of use. ACI also offers a License Plate Light Mount and an ACI Off-Road LED Light Wiring Kit for easy installation.

Find more information about ACI Off-Road LED Lights at including installation instructions and videos of the lights in action.

Watch the ACI Off-Road LED Lights in action in this YouTube playlist.

ACI’s automotive brands include ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover soft rolling tonneau covers, SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows and ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps. ACI also makes AGRI-COVER® Roll-Tarp Systems for agriculture and construction applications.

ACI has made products in North Dakota for more than three decades and employs more than 125 people at a facility north of Jamestown.

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