Trail-Gear is now offering a Weld-On Creeper Joint

These heavy duty Weld-On Creeper Joints are ideal for today’s flexible suspension systems.  Super strong, Weld-On Creeper Joints will hold up to years of punishment. The inner flex ball is made from 8620 tool steel and rides on high quality polyurethane bushings. Heavy-duty, hardened steel washers hold the joint together. Creeper Joints are super flexible and allow for up to 40 degrees of movement when used with spacers. A threaded grease fitting is provided on the housing for lubrication. The flex ball is drilled for cross lubrication flow from the shell to the link mount bolt. These Weld-On Creeper Joint Kits are perfect for creating your own A-arms, suspension links, or other suspension components. Provided unassembled. Welding required for installation.

Comes in three different flex ball sizes: 9/16″, 5/8″ & 18mm, allowing you to choose the right size to match your application.

Available Options:

 Weld-On Creeper Joint Kit, 18mm, 303892-KIT, $19.95

 Weld-On Creeper Joint Kit, 9/16”, 303893-KIT, $19.95

 Weld-On Creeper Joint Kit, 5/8”, 303894-KIT, $19.95

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