Baja 500

A Prelude to War: The 2016 Score-International Baja 500

One can argue the value of having a stacked field of competitors but regardless of car count, it only takes two to create a race.  In fact, one could argue that one vehicle trying to simply finish a 500 mile Baja course is remarkable and worth tuning in for. In this world of homogenized tame sports and entertainment, Baja is still punk rock and that’s what makes it magical. Anything can happen and it will.

This years competitors includes a vicious line up of seasoned drivers. BJ Baldwin, Andy McMillin, Rob MacCachren, Bryce Menzies, Robby Gordon, Apdaly Lopez, Luke McMillin, Tavo Vildosola, Troy Herbst, Dan McMillin, Tim Herbst and Lalo Laguna are amongst the racers all in contention for the overall win.

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