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Rugged Studs for the Super Mercedes G 500 4×4 squared All-Terrain Vehicle

“There is nothing better than the G Class!” was the inspiration used by the designers at Mercedes when it came to designing the G500 squared. Mercedes have given this mother of All-Terrain Vehicles portal axles, a newly developed, state-of- the-art variable chassis and a good shot of V8 power with 310kW (422HP).  The only thing better than the G500 4×4 squared is a G-Class vehicle customized by delta4x4 – The Southern German All-Terrain Vehicle Tuning Specialists have somehow improved this already incredible car by replacing the 22 inch series design with a 325/55 tire set-up that sports gigantic traction-enhancing rugged studs.


To do so, delta4x4 modified its single-piece 18 inch “Legacy Forged” aluminum rim to complement the G 500 4×4 squared and outfitted it with 37×13.5 R 18 all-terrain mud tires by the American Off-Road Specialist Mickey Thompson. The new tires by delta4x4 with an approved weight of 12.7 kg and a load range of nearly two tons per wheel have proven their superior traction in open terrain – but still keep their quiet road performance. Therefore Mercedes G 500 4×4 squared with a delta4x4-trim is the ultimate All-Terrain and Off-Road Vehicle – a leader in its class thanks to its size, superior technology, true comfort and excellent Off-Road properties. The complete set of tires (four tires and four rims) with the delta Legacy Forged 9×18 aluminum rims, including 37×13.5 R 18 (335/70 R 18) Mickey Thompson tires are available for the Mercedes G 500 4×4 squared at a price of 7.900 €. This forged Masterpiece wheel costs 1.050 € per rim. The forged wheels are optional from delta4x4, and are available either in matt or polished black.

For more information about “Accessories for the Mercedes G-Model” by delta4x4 can be found on under: Products/G4x4 squared.

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