PML Introduces New 12-Bolt Front Differential Cover for Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 to accommodate Dodge’s shift to 12 bolts in order to enhance gas mileage

INGLEWOOD, Ca. – PML recently introduced its new bolt-on replacement front differential cover for Dodge Ram 2500 (2014 and newer), and Ram 3500 (2013 and newer). The new covers were designed to fill a void left in aftermarket differential covers after Dodge chose to shift to a 12-bolt American axle 9.25” 235mm front to improve gas mileage.

The new heavy duty PML cover is sand cast aluminum and because of reported clearance issues with steering, U-bolts and suspension, was manufactured with a low profile for clearance. Fins on the lower part of the differential, where the fluid collects, aid in heat dissipation and cooling.

President of PML David Tolin said, “We recognized the demand for the new front cover after changes made by Dodge and we’re happy to accommodate the Ram owners who, until this point, have had limited options for aftermarket differential covers.”

To view PML’s new 12-bolt differential cover for Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 visit:

PML designs and manufactures specialty automotive products, including differential covers, transmission pans, valve covers and other products. The company began in 1986 as an engineering and inspection company offering clients high quality products through the use of production visualization and virtual and rapid prototyping. Being true automotive enthusiasts at heart, in 2000 company owners made the decision to focus solely on automotive products and launched

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