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    Build Thread Ibex remodeled

    Snake Pit with rear steer is just cheating....try it with a drag axle and front leaf springs ;)
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    Build Thread Ibex remodeled

    Yeah, we have a hard time getting pics when we are out there, too much fun to be in the rig and wheeling! Looks like you hit all the 7-10 trails, now it's time for the 11-15's ;)
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    Winter 4x4 Jamboree realize my "guide" standards start about 9am and I'm done by 1p...hardly a full day ;)
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    I doubt Sam is selling his anytime soon....but you never know :) He needs to master the current rig before adding (I'll master mine someday!) TH was awesome, and exhausting....I was done Sunday 4p and we left Monday 2p for Hot Springs AR for another event. The 1400 mile drive was a...
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    Winter 4x4 Jamboree

    Too many? It always is too My idea of an "ideal" group size usually stops at 5 :)
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    Buggy Things

    Some of the new "unlisted" trails out there are insane ;)
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    For Sale: UT: 39 Krawler Reds on Walker Evans beadlocks

    $2500 5 ea 39" BFG Krawler red labels on Walker Evans 6x5.5 beadlocks (3.75 backspacing). One tire/wheel combo nearly new (21/32), two tires are 15/32 (center), two are 16/32 (center). One sidewall plug (pic). Located Hurricane UT, will not ship, will not separate. Bring your buggy, pick up...
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    Hi from Thayne, Wyoming

    Clubs are a great way to learn :)
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    MTB July 2019

    She's a hiker, not a biker....this level of MTB would have killed Ended up with 34k of climbing on the month, and 200 miles. Took August a bit easier, but getting back into Sept riding very soon :)
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    Colorado rock crawling

    97 Cummins, simple but effective. Buddy had it for a project, then changed directions....sitting in my drive now, waiting for me to get home and cut him a check ;)
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    Colorado rock crawling

    That's been my downfall for hitting that area, the travel between trails....finally have a true tow rig, and hope to put some miles on it soon!
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    Newbie guess is any stretch wheelbase parts are usually custom, lots to change when thats done...
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    Colorado rock crawling

    pics of this good time? ;) I haven't wheeled that area yet either...on my list....
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    Build Thread Ibex remodeled

    looking great!! I haven't moved mine since June, anxious for weather to cool and get out in a few weeks :)
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    GIT-R-DONE From TX

    Welcome to the insanity :-p