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RockCrawler.com “King” of the Hammers – Jason Scherer – Joins TPAC Effort

Discussion in 'Offroad News' started by RockCrawler.com, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Nov 29, 2013
    Jason-Scherer-TPAC.jpg Each day this week, as part of TPAC’s update on our “Be a Trail Hero” fundraiser’s donor list, we will highlight a famous off-road champion who has endorsed TPAC’s effort to send pro-trail candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

    Today, an off-road racing champion and long-time supporter of efforts to protect trail access on public lands endorsed The Trail PAC. Jason Scherer is the 2009 King of the Hammers Race winner and has captured the crown at many other OHV competitions.

    King Scherer, states, “As a professional competitor and trail enthusiast, I know what it takes to keep trails open for responsible OHV recreation. The recent fight to protect historic motorized access at the BLM’s Johnson Valley OHV Area is proof that it is the politicians who make land use decisions that impact us all. Electing pro-trail candidates is the most effective way to help secure long-term recreational access to public lands for current and future generations.”

    “I want to encourage off-road voters to get engaged in the 2014 midterm elections. I am proud to endorse the efforts of TPAC to help elect politicians who will support our access to public lands, Scherer concludes.

    TPAC is working to change the obstructionist leadership in the U.S. Senate that kills OHV-related regulatory reform efforts. Off-road voters can help remove this legislative chokepoint by electing a pro-access majority to the U.S. Senate and maintain and grow our majority in the House of Representatives.

    TPAC’s strategy is to target/support up to 11 key senate races in states such as Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, and Montana. We also look to target up to 15 important battleground House races in various congressional districts including Arizona CD2/CD3, California CD7/21, Colorado CD6, Utah CD4, and West Virginia CD3.

    The TPAC Trail Access Victory Fund has set a goal to raise $10,000 or more between now and the FEC filing deadline of January 31. Your donation WILL allow us to support key pro-trail candidates in battleground races. TPAC is asking you to be a


    During the week TPAC will be featuring Off-Road Champions from King of the Hammers, National Enduros, Best in the Desert, ISDE, King of the Motos, National Mototrials, and National Hare & Hound who are supporting TPAC’s effort to elect pro-trail candidates to Congress.

    Trail users who donate will have their first name/city/state listed in the following categories:

    HALL OF FAME- DONATE $1000 – $5000

    TRAIL HERO- DONATE $500 – $999

    TRAIL CHAMPION- DONATE $200 – $499

    • Sean – Roseville, CA
    • Jerry – Oakdale, CA
    • Andres – Lafayette, CA
    TRAIL LEADER - DONATE $100 – $199
    • Clark – Pocatello, ID
    • Richard – Minneapolis, MN


    • Eric – Puyallup, WA



    Again, the donation lists will be updated each day until the FEC filing deadline ofJanuary 31.

    Remember is it Congress that decides where you and I ride or drive our OHVs. Let’s send more candidates who support our values back to Washington D.C. in 2014.

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