1973 k5 blazer 350sbc


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Aug 3, 2013
I have a 1973 k5 blazer and I just sold my ford f100 for 2000 and am putting the money in my blaze. I am haveing my 350 sbc rebuild at a shop in duran, ok and am wondering if my motor has a .460 lift cam and dove pistons and .20 over crank what kind of intake would yall prefer I have a torker intaks and I was wondering what size carb would yall use and I need a tailgate and glass I live in denison, tx we took the 4 bolt main and a crank to the shop and they were gonna use them and it has double hump heads but they were gonna use them but It had a crack in the block and the crank was trash but I had a block and a crank I took to him


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Oct 12, 2010
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for the best drivability, a standard torquer type intake works...IIRC, I ran a Edelbrock Performer and it worked well. For carbs, its EASY to over-carb...pick up a stock quadrajet and rebuild it...they are good for mileage and great offroad carbs as well.


Loves Light Bars
Aug 3, 2013
Ya ik thanks man and the person that is building my motor said a 750 would be fine and I had another question c I'm trying to pailint under the hood and my dad bought some safer paint thinner can I use it with my black rustoleum oil base paint it going under the hood
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