1973 k5 lift and axle gears


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Aug 3, 2013
ok I'm having thoughts about my truck now I'm going to buy a 8 inch lift for front and back but don't know if I should get a add a leaf and blocks for back or the full springs I mean I don't know how to add a leaf so I need help on which one I need and I want to put a shackle flip to but ill make my own though and make a 8 inch shackle on front and back and put 40 inch tires. so if I run them tires will I need to put a gear change in the axles and ik I need to put them in bth axles but I don't know if I need to change anything else out plzzz help


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Oct 12, 2010
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40" tires will appreciate a gear change. What's required will depend on what axles you have...might require a carrier change, and you may as well plan on Detroit lockers while you are in there. Check with Just Differentials for what's available.

8" long shackles will make your steering dangerous.

Full springs in the front is the proper way to do it...blocks/add-a-leaf in the rear is sufficient, but a full leaf pack is still recommended.

If it were me? 4" front springs, add-a-leaf and blocks in the rear, and take a sawzall/sledgehammer to the fenderwells to make those 40's fit.

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Aug 3, 2013
thanks woody and ok ill just do a shackle flip and buy and 8 inch lift it will be a 12 with a shackle flip and a 8 inch lift.

and I have a dana 44 in front 1973, and a 1984 12 rear end.

and what ratio of gears of would u prefer? 4.10?

and on the front I already have lockers we had to rebuild it about 4 years ago it caught fire
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