1987 chevrolet suburban shifting problems

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Feb 10, 2013
I have a 1987 Chevrolet suburban v10 4wd with a 351, it's been experiencing a problem that seems to be when it goes to shift into a higher gear it's as if it slips into neutral, the revs rise quickly with no gain in speed. Flooring the gas seems to get it to up shift but at that point it is revving way too high. Putting in in 4wd seems to help slightly but does not completely alleviate the problem. Would this be a transmission or transfer case problem and should I replace either? I changed the transmission oil which hadnt been replaced in a long time and the oil that drained out was slightly black.
V10 is the model designation, it has the standard 351 v8 and yes the filter had been replaced
350 V8 actually, for that vintage...351 is a Ford motor size :)

how many miles on it? Original trans? Very likely it needs a rebuild, the trans from that vintage is likely a 700R4 and is not notorious for lasting a long time without needing upgrades.
It is a 700r4 and it is the original transmission, mileage I'm not sure as the odometer is broken but it's well into the 100,000s if not closing in on 200,000
I'm a trans rebuilder and to me it sounds like you burned up your 3-4 clutch pack... Extremely common problem with those
You shouldn't have changed the fluid. All your clutch material was in the old fluid. Time for a rebuild.

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